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Quarterstein's Site

Free music by one of Matt's many alter egos, Zaanbyn!

*Zaanbyn's Jazz Hall (303kb)
*Staring At Clouds (651kb)

MOD Workshop

MODs are like MIDIs, but better, as you can use WAVS for instruments without some messy getup. You need a special player to listen to them, like ModPlug Player or Winamp, but the result is definitely worth hearing.

Potatoes & Rice - Here is an example of a MOD by Matt Quarterstein (22kb)

Here are some handy hints related to MIDIs and MODs

Midi Drums

MIDI Drums

If you use Anvil Studios to make MIDIs, like I do, you can change the "drum kit" on a rhythm track of a MIDI by creating an instrument track before your rhythm track and setting it to 10.

Different intstruments create different effects

01 Acoustic Grand - Standard Drums
09 Celesta - Room Drums
17 Drawbar Organ - "Power" Drums (Phil Collins' Drums)
25 Acoustic Guitar (Nylon) - Electronic Drums (Crap)
26 Acoustic Guitar (Steel) - tr808 Drums (Techno Drums)
27 Electric Guitar (Jazz) - Another Drum Machine
33 Acoustic Bass - Jazz Drums
41 Violin - Brush Drums (Good for Jazz)
49 String Ensemble - Orchestral Drums (Timpanis, etc. Has a Spanish Clap for Handclap)
57 Trumpet - Sound Effects

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