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Links related to this site in some way:

Adsam's Site - Sam Nicson's and Adam "No Pork" Brunston's Old Site
CMDigital - Printed Isle of Telethis
Doctor Who Ratings Guide - Matt has a couple of reviews posted here :*)
Elcalen's Homepage - RPG style music from Elcalen.
Essence of [Bethany] - site full of creative stuff... - Matt Quarterstein - some music I did. Oops.
The Program - Australian artists site, I am a member :) Directory of self-published books. Mine is (was) listed
Seaview Press - "Published" Isle of Telethis
Temporary Illusion - Emma Hughes' Poetry Site
Quarterstein's (Old) Site - Matt Quarterstein's old (very) dead site
Writing Forums - Message Board for writers. I post here now and then.

Matt Quarterstein's Favourite Links:

ABC Homepage - Official site of this Australian station
Adbusters - An anti-consumerism zine
Add Me - Will submit your sites to major search engines for free
Anvil Studio - A MIDI software program - good for beginners of MIDI.
Aspiring Authors - Links to the sites of many, many authors.
BBC Home Page - The Official BBC website
Beats and - Exactly what it says, and lots of them - A great big index of digital fiction. :) - The official Blur site.
Blur News - Get the latest Blur news here
Blur-Radio - Internet radio that is 100% Blur.
Bravenet - Great free web host, why else would this site be here?
Buzz Machines - Get some cool music making software here
Chetzar - Tons of really cool art and philosophy
Compendium of Elizabethan England - Exactly what it says
Deltaz Palaze - More cool music sample
Digilogue - They make some cool VST plugins
Doctor Who Homepage - Has just about everything Doctor Who related!
Doctor Who Missing Scripts - Download scripts of now lost episodes
Doctor Who (Official Site) - Free E-Books, Flash Movies. A very good Doctor Who site.
Doctor Who Reference Guide - Has a summary of the WHOLE Doctor Who saga!
Drum Samples - Get 808 and 909 drum machine samples! - A Salad Dressing/Tribute to drug inspired media site.
Easter Eggs - Find all those weird secrets inside "normal" programs like Microsoft Word
Echo Vibes - Contains links to the top 50 sound sites.
Euphoria - A new programming language that's easy to learn.
Faerie Realm - A damn good site about fairies and their mythology.
Findsounds - A search engine just for sounds!
Free Samples - Free WAV music samples - Lots of futurey stuff
Good Quotes - Good Quotes by Good people
Guitar Samples - Realistic Distortion Guitar. Yaaay!
Hammer Sound - A groovy, free Beatbox kinda program.
History House - History you DON'T hear about. Often bizarre!
Hold the Button - How long can YOU hold the button?
Hollow Sun - A synthesizer sample site
Hotmail - Your standard free mail service
How to Sell Your Self Published Book - Very handy if you're into that sort of thing.
Izotope Software - Great analogue emulation plugins for Winamp.
Kaiju HQ - Like big, battling monsters like Godzilla and King Kong? Go here!
Keyword Counter - count keywords used in your sites, and compare to other sites. - Writer's Community
Litscene - Another writer's community
Macchu Picchu in Danger - help save this ancient monument - Great resource for Megaman goodies, including ROMS of all the games
MetaCritic - Reviews of all the hottest new films, DVDs, CDs, everything!
Mod Archive - Great music samples here, like whole synthesizers!
ModPlug - Groovy piece of software for making music. Site is back... :)
Morse Code Generator - Write something, then see and hear it in morse code!!
Music Machines - Something funky this way comes...
Nene Thomas - Cool Fantasy Art
NES MODS - Get all your favourite NES tunes
New Absurdist - Weird, weird, (but very cool) stories!
One Shot Samples - Lots of great, realistic music samples
Outpost Gallifrey - A Doctor Who site with lots of news and reviews.
Project Aon - Lone Wolf books now downloadable. Yaaaay!
Project Gutenberg - Download classic literature for free
RarSoft - Home to WinRAR, a great file compression program.
Reluctant Messenger - Find lost religious texts here
ReNoise - Download some great music making software here
RockToons - Cartoon parodies of all your favourite bands.
Sample Arena - samples and links to many, many sample sites!
SampleCity - A good place for WAV samples for your music.
Sonic Syndicate - The best VST plugins on the net.
SoundCavern - Great variety of samples from France - Read Peanuts comics online
Smiley Land - Lots of smileys in a weird multimedia adventure :)
Star - The official site of that sci-fi movie saga...
This Day in Music - Find out what song was #1 when you were born.
TARDIS Library - A nice site about Doctor Who books. :)
Temple of MOD - A few WAV and MP3 gems.
Transcopic Records - Graham Coxon's record label
Tucows - The place to go for shareware and freeware.
Ultimate Band Listing - Find info on nearly every music group ever assembled.
UnMuseum - Ancient Superpowers, UFOs, science experiments, they're all here!
VG Mix - Download funky remixes of tunes from old video games
Virtual Drum Machine - Play with all the classic Drum Machines in these cool Flash dealies!
VST Plugin listings - One of the most complete VST Plugin sites on the net. - If you need to be a part of a webring, here's where to start. - The official Weezer site - now including Weezer fighter!
Winamp - Great media player with lots of extras.
WinMX - Download the most effective file sharing software
Winzip - The most popular file compression program I know of
World Time Zone - Find out what the time is anywhere in the world. Cool maps!
Yahoo - There's always something to do here. - Lots of downloadable software here, very useful...

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