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John Negated Archive

Hi, and welcome to the John Negated Archive, where you can choose to view some of the adventures (scripts) that feature John Negated. All scripts are by Matt Quarterstein.


*My scripts are formatted the way I like them, not of this centred, italic dialogue rubbish, if you don't like it just because of the way it is formatted, then you have serious triviality issues. The cure for this is an Oscar Wilde play, in which besides the witty dialogue you will notice his formatting is a lot like mine :p
*All scripts are copyright Matt Quarterstein, if you steal in any way, I will stalk you. I also have a lot of hacker friends...

Ok, here we go:

#1 - John Negated and the Place with People in it
#2 - John Gets Sand in His Shoe
#3 - John De Posited
#4 - Voyage To Unnamed Adventure
#5 - John in John and Betty Land
#6 - Meeting Mr Nozzle
#7 - John Negated and the Muscle for Muscle
#8 - John Negated and the Analogue Bath
#9 - Jonn Negated Goes Shopping

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