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G'day, my names Leon and this is my home, my shack, so listen up. If you're not going to listen you can go get lost, all right? I had to get away from the bloody General and the Waiter to make time for you, and you'd know that's a really hard thing to do if you knew them. But you don't know 'em, do ya? Otherwise you wouldn't be talking to me. Whenever I am around, the General and the Waiter aren't too far behind, and they mean trouble.

Oh hello Leon, what are you doing here on the InterPlanetNet?

I'm trying to avoid you, Waiter!

That's not a very nice thing to do. I mean, how are all the little troopers out there in InterPlanetNetland going to find out about your adventures if I don't tell them.

I was going to tell them, Waiter

No you weren't. You'd be too busy avoiding me and the General to tell anybody anything.

*Sigh* Stuff this...

He's gone, good. You didn't want to talk to him anyway, all he is interesting in conquest. I bet he wouldn't offer you tea or anything. Not even a biscuit, I bet! Now, this is our web site, where we tell you about all our adventures.

We have our Adventures Page, where we have a list of all our adventures. Good adventures are like good recipes, they're hard to find unless you cut them out of a magazine!


The General has pulled out some cables, looking for licorice, so until we fix the damage, we haven't got much else for you. Come back real soon! Please!