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Quarterstein's Site
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Isle of TelethisMatt Quarterstein's latest book, out now!
Book of FireAn Online Novel ready to read!
The Adventures of Leon Chubbadanfish, the Waiter & the GeneralMatt Quarterstein's first book, to be reprinted...
The Flurph NewsboardThe Site's Newsboard
Flurph News ArchiveBrowse old editions of Flurph News
Mod WorkshopListen to some music
John NegatedSome short scripts by Matt
Rail Evening BentAudio and skits by Matt, Dean and Sam

ArticlesArticles I have featured in
Doctor WhoNovelizations of the sci-fi series I wish to trade
LinksLinks to my (Matt's) favourite sites
HistoryHistory of the website, very boring

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Hello, you have found a secret panel at the bottom of my page. My, aren't you clever? As a reward, you get a detailed summary of what we have on the site, and I'll let you in on a little secret, putting hidden things like this on your webpage increases traffic as it gives the search engines a lot more to disect. Hmm, where to start?
*Flurph News is all about Flurph, Matt Quarterstein, Dean Woodward and Sam Nicson. Flurph News is all about their work on projects such as Egotistical Bullet, John Negated, Rail Evening Bent, Chubbadan Brothers, and much, much more that Flurph news will divulge through the help of Matt Quarterstein, Dean Woordward and Sam Nicson. Incidentally, none of the trio that is Flurph News (Matt Quarterstein, Dean Woodward and Sam Nicson) do not own a ferret, but however own dogs (Matt Quarterstein and Dean Woodward) and a cat (Sam Nicson). Flurph News, and the work of Matt Quarterstein, Dean Woodward and Sam Nicson deals mostly with comedy. If you are after comedy, comedy, comedy or even humour, Flurph News can provide the comedy that you require. We may even provide some MIDI and MOD files here on Flurph News to accompany our humourous comedy. If you are after this humourous comedy that is cool new stuff, or new stuff that is cool, or just plain humour related comedy that doesn't necessarily have to resemble new or cool stuff, then Flurph News, that is the news site devoted to the dog Flurph, managed by Matt Quarterstein, Dean Woodward and Sam Nicson, is the comedy place for you. Don't mind that these sentences don't make sense, Flurph news will fulfil all your humour comedy needs while still making sense. This is senseless web promotion, but reading the whole thing from end to end is funny. Funny cool humour comedy. Yes, that's Flurph News. Comedy, comedy, humourous comedy that is incidentally very funny. That is funny haha and not perculiar, you know, as in the humourous form of funny. That's what comedy is all about, the funny, funny humour. Did we mention that we are from Australia, funny ol' Australia? Victoria, in fact, in Melbourne, the comedy capital, yes indeed. Well, actually Frankston, but close enough.My, my, my, you still need persuasion, can't you see that this is serious, in a humourous, funny, comedic way? Get your eyes of this small print and have a good ol' read!