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Flurph News

Number 9 - 17/3/2002


The News Behind the Flurph

That's what we have here. Well, usually. Should have some goodies for you this week. Yes. Some more news about Terra Ignoramus, a proper quote of the week and yet more apologies, probably. Let's just see what we've got, cause I'm typing the top of this page, and haven't reached the bottom yet. It's more readable than last week, I don't know whether I mentioned it then, but I had the flu and was really tired, so Flurph News was a pretty rushed sort of affair, cause I really couldn't be bothered. That's not usually like me at all, but as well as being sick, the Bravenet server was down for a while. Ah well, what's done is done, forget about it. I shouldn't make excuses. Everything's better now. Let's get into some Flurph!

Rumours confirmed, Flurph will have a friend!

Yep, in Flurph #7, we reported that Flurph may be getting another dog as a friend, but only as a rumour. Now, we can confirm that rumour (how many glossy magazines do THAT?). Flurph IS getting a friend, a maltese/shi-tsu, and this friend is all paid for by Dean's family. Yay. It has just been born and can't be taken away from it's mother right now, so Flurph won't have another dog to play with for a while, but VERY soon. Ooh, isn't this exciting? :p

8 Reported in 9

Yep. Terra Ignoramus Episode 8 is done, called The Real Truth. Still means nothing to you? I'll add a little something to that page, ok? Then you will know a little bit more about it, but probably not enough to be interested. Ah well. You will be, one day... haha!

Dead Letter Office

It doesn't matter how many websites I set up, or how many mistakes I make, no one ever sends me an e-mail concerning the site. My inbox is hungry, and it's probably going to bite my hand off. If you want to say anything about the website, anything, send an e-mail to I'm not one of those net people who won't get back to you, honest.

Egotistical Statements

Yep. As Egotistical Bullet slowly reaches completion, I'm hearing a lot of good words about the stuff in it. Apparently, a little piece in it called "Professor Dean's Lectures" is the "funniest" thing that Sam Nicson has ever written. I haven't seen it yet, and he won't show me until he's done. But I wanna see now!! L

Next Week

During this week I am going to look for something to put in here. I'm actually gonna try this time. Yep, I think I can do that. I'll get an interview, yeah. Hopefully I can manage this, with this guy we like to call "Chaka". Yep. That will be good... Oh yeah!

Quote of the Week

"Most of America doesn't even listen to music probably. They just go raccoon hunting or something" - Graham Coxon

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