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Flurph News

Number 8 - 10/3/2002



Very tired. Few words in intro today. Go read. Good stuff...

7 is Complete

Yep, even though I still haven't updated the site properly for this particular section, I'm still gonna tell you this. Episode 7 of Terra Ignoramus is complete. Yep, I'll have to update that bit soon to celebrate. Incidentally, there's a new John Negated adventure as well, which you can actually read. Well, haven't I been busy? :p


Yeah, I need to apologize for the lack of up-to-dateness of the site, but the Bravenet server has been having security troubles. Everything seems to be all fine now, getting better. But it kind of leaves me without that much news. Which is a shame...

Next Week

Who knows

Quote of the Week

"the" - anonymous

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