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Flurph News

Number 7 - 3/3/2002


A Note of Sorts

Hi, welcome to Flurph News. How is everyone? Lovely. You'll be happy to know my wisdom teeth are gone and I'm all better now, albeit very busy. Not the kind of busy that sports much news, though. Which is a shame. Well, lets see what we can do with what we have. Ok?

An All New Ignoramus

Yep, I'm happy to say that "Episode" 6 of Terra Ignoramus is completed. All new, from scratch, now complete. It's called Taj Mahal and is kind of different from most of the adventures that Terra Ignoramus usually covers. I'm pretty happy with it. Trouble is, there's so much in it, it was hard to keep it tidy. I'm writing another one at the moment called, Ghost Aliens, but since I'm a bit busy with other things at the moment it might take a little longer. In the meantime, while you are looking for an all new ignoramus, check your local maternity ward, as they say "there's one born every minute".

An Apology

Speaking of Terra Ignoramus, I've got to apologize for not adding anything to that page, or keeping the site as a whole that up to date. I have been kinda busy, and that doesn't help anybody. Most people don't even know what Terra Ignoramus is cause there's that little info on it here... ah well. I'll get to it as soon as I can think of what to put on it.

Flurph's gotta lover

Well, that's definitely exaggeration, but if it gets more people reading this page... Ahem! Yeah, it's only really on the rumour stage at the moment, but Flurph might have a new friend. Dean tells me that a friend of his brothers has a dog with puppies, and they are considering buying one. It's going to be a Maltese. But, they are only considering buying one, nothing definite yet, let alone whether it's going to be male to accompany Flurph. You heard it here first, folks...

Next Week

Oh. Be sure there will be a TON of news next week. My busy-ness will pay off, I assure you...

Matt's Quote of the Week

"There are two types of people in this world, people who categorize other people and people who don't " - Matt Quarterstein

Some Other Guy's Quote of the Week

"How can you be happy of winning some millions in the lottery? I`ve worked hard to get rich" - Damon Albarn

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