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Flurph News

Number 6 - 24/2/2002


Before the News Chit Chat

Hi, and welcome to Flurph News for this week. If I really had to chitchat before this news, I think I might have a bit of trouble. I just had my wisdom teeth out and I'm still in a bit of pain. Don't worry though - I've been taking that many painkillers, I think I'll still be able to type. Ha! Ha! Now, what have we got for you in this week's edition? Hmm, well we got some very exciting news on a couple of fronts, well I reckon anyway. You might need some more interesting er... stuff to consider calling it exciting, but not me. Yeah... um... we've also got two quotes of the week as well, one from me and one from some other guy, which is quite a nice one if I do say so myself. Doesn't matter what you say about it, since you're not the one editing the page, are you? So :P

One Month of Flurph News

Flurph News is one month old, four days ago. Same with this site as a whole. So, you can say hooray to that. Did I get a cake? No? You know what I got? My bloody wisdom teeth out... yep. I didn't even get to keep them, which was a bit of a drag, considering that's like the only physical evidence I've had it done. It's not like having your appendix out where you can go round showing everyone your scar. I mean, if I said "Hey, I got my wisdom teeth out, want to see my swelling and cut up (but slowly healing) gums?" you wouldn't exactly accept the offer would you? I mean, showing people stuff like that is pretty disgusting. Yep. What was I typing about, again? Oh yeah, Flurph News is one month old. It's really, really, good. That's all I can really say about that. Would you like to see my cut up gums? (Forget reading that last remark, I think the painkillers have gone to my head and I'm writing a lot of crap. But what makes that different from any other week?)

I Got With the Program and I Don't Know what all the Excitement is About!

Hmm, the headline sums it up well. Matt has joined The Program, which is this youth arts initiative thingo, with a lot of competitions and stuff for artistic kinda things, in which he has two poems up. It's not that good though really, all the other "artists" are like self-obsessed and are into all this weird, weird stuff, it's scary. As well as that, all the artistic stuff is basically autobiographical, so you don't get to use the imagination at all. If you really want to join, go ahead, but don't expect anything great. I mean, for about 20 years arts been stuffed up anyway…

Terra Ignoramus resumed - Number 5 is alive!

Well, a big hurrah, or yippee or yay, should be exclaimed for this particular piece of news, depending on where you come from and which exclaiming kinda word you prefer. Yes. Terra Ignoramus (Also known as The Hunted) has had it's fifth adventure completed, which had been left incomplete for quite some time. This adventure is called Sport Killings and is about, um... something. I'm not sure how to explain it, so I'll make it that I don't want to tell you, yeah. To celebrate this, as well as just to show off some more stuff that nobody in the world basically has heard of yet, I have put up a Terra Ignoramus Page for you to have a look at. Should be good, have a look. Also, the sixth adventure is being outlined at the moment (Matt and Sam are doing that) and written soon after. So, yay for that. Incidentally, did anyone get the pun in the headline? "Number 5 is alive"? It's a quote from this old 1980s film called Short Circuit, and it's the catchphrase of this little robot who um... short circuits and makes some friends. I can't quite remember what happens after that. Go see it if you are really dying to hear the quote, but I'm pretty sure you can live without it...

Matt's top 10 favourite movies

While I'm dictating what you can and cannot watch, I thought I might as well list my top 10 favourite movies of all time, correct up to this moment. Here I go...

1. Forrest Gump
2. AI
3. Ghostbusters
4. They Live
5. Edward Scissorhands
6. Stir of Echoes
7. Communion
8. Close Encounters of a Third Kind
9. The Wall
10. Yellow Submarine

Well, that's taken up a bit of space, and probably made you laugh at how lame my taste in entertainment is. Hmm...

Next Week

More news. You know that, don't you? I don't have to tell you, unless your expecting me to say "Oh, right um... in Flurph News next week we aren't going to have any news, just a blank screen so we can appeal to the minimalist art minority". If you are expecting me to say that, you really mustn't read much of what I type, cause you'd know I hate minimalist crap. Speaking of which, have you noticed how architecture keeps getting bigger. Like in the Melbourne museum, it's huge, but it only has two floors, and only about 2 percent of it's exhibits up at any one time. Where are the musty corridors, cluttered with Sumerian Cuneiforms, hmm? Gone, replaced with all this interactive "lets get the youth into history" bulldust. Well, if I don't see some musty old documents from the French Revolution soon, without any whingey little kids pushing some big red button to hear Marie Antoinette in some obviously exaggerated French accent going on about the secrets to eating cake, I'm going to make another formal complaint. Ok, ok, I know. I'll go grab me painkillers...

Matt's Quote of the Week

"A wannabe pessimist says the glass is half empty. A REAL pessimist says not only is the glass half empty, but the glass is dirty and full of the wrong beverage" - Matt Quarterstein

Some Other Person's Quote of the Week

 "If you want to succeed, you should strike out new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success" - John D Rockerfeller Sr.

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