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Flurph News

Number 5 - 17/2/2002


A Virtual Note From the Virtual Editor

Yep, cause this note is only pixels on your screen and I'm only unofficially an editor, it's not a real title. Hi, welcome to another splendiforating edition of Flurph News. We have a little bit of stuff for you, as we do every week, stuffed with the stuffing that is tryhard funnyness, like the tryhard taste of chicken stuffing. What on Earth is that supposed to taste like anyway? Yep, a bit of news. Don't mind me, I'm a bit tired. I've been working very hard today. Blah! Blah! Blah!

One Step towards a New Look

Did you notice the lovely little panel up the top with the name "Flurph News" in it and the number and date underneath. It wasn't there last week, so it could be said to be the beginning of a new look for this page, maybe even the whole site. But that takes time and effort, so I don't know how long before you see any major changes. Let's just say, when it's done, the completed new look for Flurph News will look very nice. But one thing it won't look is modern. Ha! Ha! I make my own trends rather than follow them thank you very much!

John Certainly isn't Asleep

Yep, since the last Flurph News, there are three new John Negated stories that have been added. He is a busy chap, with all the adventures he gets up to. Maybe he might have a rest, or maybe not. I haven't decided, so that technically isn't really news is it? It's more like gossip from inside my head. Ah well... Anyway, check him out.

Hunting down Terra Ignoramus

Matt Quarterstein (that'd be me) is currently cataloging all the appearance that characters from Terra Ignoramus (also known as The Hunted), as well as transcribing all of the old adventures from the battered old folder they were into text documents. The crew of Terra Ignoramus appear in so much, the most recent being in a John Negated story on this very website called John Gets Sand in His Shoe, in which they get up to their usual hi-jinks. Is that how you spell it? Hi-jinks? Nevermind, it doesn't matter. Anyway, because of this interest, there could very well be a new Terra Ignoramus story, or "Episodes" as we like to call them written. Why? Just for the sake of it I guess, and to see if I can still write in that style. I have even composed some music to accompany the stories that already exist, and if you are nice I might add it to this site in some form. Watch this space, or at least bookmark it. J

Close Encounters of a Flurph Kind

Yep, well Matt has his own experiences with Flurph. Whenever I see that little dog, it runs up to me, wagging it's tail. So I yell "Flurph!" and attempt to kick it (not trying to hurt it, just to make it not come so close, like up my leg or something), and it runs like round the whole of Dean's house, then comes back. So I do the same thing... it gets boring after about 5 minutes (for both me and Flurph), so it ends. Hmm, I don't know why I told you that. I guess you can't have Flurph News without Flurph. Otherwise it would just be news... and journalists smell...

Next Week

Well, more news usually. I really don't know why I made this section a regular thing, cause there's never anything I know for sure what's going to be in the news. If I did, it would be in this weeks news rather that next weeks. So put that in your pipe realted merchandise and smoke it. Yeah! Um... don't mind me. Just read the quote of the week, I live by this one...

Quote of the week

"Some men see things as they are and say 'Why?'. I dream things that never were and say 'Why not?'" - R.F. Kennedy

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