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Flurph News

Number Four - 10/2/2002

Gravelly Grumblings that Govern the um... Start

Hey, welcome back. So glad you came. Yes, indeed...
Well, there's a bit of news, some of it not so good. But look on the bright side, at least we have bad news like all those professional news sites that report about the world. Haha! Oh dear…

Web Nerd Boycott

You won't believe this, I certainly don't. Out of all the webrings that this site belonged to, it has been suspended from ALL of them. Because of "code" reasons. The very same code that these web "masters" gave us in the first place. Well, if these web nerds are going to boycott us, we are going to boycott web nerds. Yeah, that's what we'll do. Haha! So, if you argue about combat ratios in your Dungeons & Dragons, debug software for fun or anything like that, get out. We don't want you - unless you give us our bloody webrings back. Not happy about that... L

Egotistical Bullet Delays

Isn't the point of a bullet to go fast, I think so. Well, the scripts that comprise a old set called Egotistical Bullet (another project bubbling over) still are incomplete, and aren't expected for another 2 months. Oh well, not my problem, my ones are done…

John Negated

Yes, Flurph News does is not all bad news, nor does it forget the very few people who visit this site. Ha! Yes, um… more creative goodies for you to have a look at. An adventure by this guy I like to call John Negated, who will appear in an irregular series. The first adventure John Negated and the Place With People in it is up, so have a read if you like.

Flurph into a Tissue

One person who can't read is Flurph. But that doesn't stop her getting her nose in between pages. Pages of tissue that is. (Gee, what a terrible link). Yep, drop a tissue and Flurph will grab it. Any kind of a tissue she will take. But what kind of tissue does Flurph prefer? That is a question worth answering. Yes… Dean dropped a dirty tissue and a clean one next to each other to see which one Flurph would go for. She went for the dirty. Trust Flurph to do something like that…

Next Week...

Plenty from me, mess for the rest... and hopefully an asprin...

Quote of the week

"Never be without a quote of the week" - Matt Quarterstein

Stop Press!

That quote of the week was a fake. Tsk, tsk… Ok, here's the real one

Real Quote of the week

"The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation" - Mark Twain

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