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Number 35 - January-February 2004

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Matt's Journal #172
Matt's Journal #163
Matt's Journal #154
Matt's Journal #150
Matt's Journal #145
Happy New Flurph

Matt's Journal #172

February 8 2004

"Nostalgia, unchanged, boo hoo". Lonely Ghost - Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

Apparently, according to the radio, it is the anniversary of Buddy Holly's funeral. Poor Buddy Holly, did more for rock and roll than anyone can remember. My friend Damien Caple used to like Buddy Holly, a lot. He used to go on about his songs all the time, when we were 8. He claimed to have a nintendo game that played buddy holly songs, and you had to guess which ones they were. He also said that if you beat the game, you got to see Cliff Richard die in a plane accident instead of Buddy Holly. Funny stuff. Damien always though he was a moon face. I wonder what he's doing now.

Stacey's definitely coming over Sunday. Cool.

Matt's Journal #163

January 26 2004

It's been a couple of days since I've done a journal entry. A lots been going on. We got a new puppy called Ruby two days ago. She's a pure-bred Rhodesian Ridgeback, unlike Scamp who was half at most. The first night, she whimpered and whimpered, missing her mummy. The next day she fell asleep in my lap and wouldn't get out, she had a jumper for a blanket, and every time I tried to move her she'd scrabble back in and make an annoyed grumble. Gran came over as well to look at the dog. That's all that really happened.

Today I met Stacey at Flinders Street station. It was a crowded train getting up there, because of all the big day out people. There was one guy who had hair shaved one side, and long the other. There was a greasy haired kid in a radiohead T-shirt. Yes, lots of hairsyles and band t-shirts. They were mostly younger than me and all very confident and intimidating. Anyway, I got to Flinders Street station and I didn't have to wait too long until Stacey was there. We walked down to the shrine of remembrance, which wasn't that far at all really. We climbed the stairs but some guy out the front said we had to go round another way. They've built this really stupid arthouse thing on either side of the timeless shirne. All fibreglass and plastic, arthouse muck. It led to an underground hall. There were all these medals in the wall of the hall.

We looked at all the names of the servicemen of WWII in the books, but didn't see Kampmann, my grandfather, unless of course we asked the guy, which we didn't. I kept making jokes in the shrine, I hope Stacey didn't mind. There were army guys and they fired cannons at noon. There were helicopters in the air, and jets which made great big booms over the necropolis.

Then we went to the botanical gardens, Stacey had never been so I showed her round, the hothouses the cactuses. I was a bit ditzy, but she didn't seem to mind. Then we parted, I guiltily wanted to go to Chapel Street and check out the JB Hi-Fi, which I did. Chapel Street people were intimidating too, lots of bald guys. Don't know what that says about Chapel Street. I found an Import copy of Syd Barrett's Opel for $17. Then I went home, having McDonalds for tea on the way. I would make this all more detailed, but I'm just so tired.

Matt's Journal #154


Struggled writing today. Maybe I've been working too hard the past few days. I'm going to take tomorrow off.

Scamps had renal failure, and is going to be put down tomorrow. She was a silly dog, a cute dog and a dog that new when you were sad. After I tried to kill myself when I was 16 she barked at me. Moby and Finn just walked passed, two dogs from up the steeet and they looked sad.

Scamp always used to chase rocks, and then dig a hole and bark at the hole. She used to offer a flower or a piece of bark to you whenever you came outside, but she'd never let you have it. She always used to eat grass, even when she wasn't sick. She used to eat anything, so she'd get half of my dinner, cause I cant eat anything. I remember I had to look after her at the beginning of last year, and take her for walks and she never wanted to go without Sunny, she kept looking behind all lost. She had that kind of face. A lost sad face. I remember when we first took her home. She was all little and wrinkly and brown, she was going to be grans. She didn't look like a labrador, so she must have been something else. She got to big to look after her, so we got her instead. I always though Sunny would die before Scamp.

I'm going to go down in a little while and say goodbye. By myself.

Matt's Journal #150


Ten days til I've been doing this journal for a year. Life is very long when you're lonely, to quote Morrissey.

I wrote 5000 words of planning today. I'm very pleased, and yet I feel I could do more. Are my expectations too high for myself. I haven't been this enthused or focused in a while, I'd better take it easy and allow for breaks and stuff.

Very hungry today, just couldn't find enough to eat. I've put on one kilo recently. Odd, very odd. It's usually very hard for me to put on weight.

Matt's Journal #145


Ghostbusters was on last night, and I'd forgotten how good that film is. It's even better with age, there are so many jokes, so many textures , so much of the New York that I actually like in it. I shall have to get it on DVD one day, when I havent seen it in a while again and feel like watching it. I think it is my favourite movie of all time, to be honest. Forrest Gump will have to move down a notch. Haha!

Happy New Flurph

A little late, but Happy New Year to all you Flurph fans.

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