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Flurph Newsboard

Number 32 - October 2003

News for October 2003:
Matt's Journal #126
Watch it Go
Matt's Journal #122
Watch For Watchmen
Smokey Links
Mysterious New Section
Another Song
Matt's Journal #117

Matt's Journal #126


Things I've noticed recently:

*Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan sounds EXACTLY like Mick Jagger, tone for tone apart from the accent.
*If Jesus was shot by firing squad, many Christians would be wearing guns around their necks instead of crucifixes.
*The word "opportunity" is way overused in modern life.
*Australians turn to spineless goo in front of an American tourist. (I've seen it too many times)
*Young people like to think they know everything
*Old people think young people know nothing and that like to think they themselves know everything.
*Blur's Think Tank would be a great album if you cut 2 minutes off the end of half the songs.
*That Gary McDonald (Norman Gunston) was probably born bald.
*That everyone who sings "Henry the Eighth I am" isn't anything like Henry the Eighth.

Among a few other things...

Watch It Go

Good news everyone. The song "Night of the Watchmen" has risen to #15 on's "Experimental Electronica" charts in it's first week on being uploaded there. Maybe it could get to #1 if we had another ear or two. Click here to listen to Night of the Watchmen. Roundie's up there as well, for all those who haven't heard it.

Matt's Journal #122

I don't like modern music nowadays, I'm getting old, I must be. I'm on the verge of saying "it aint as good as it used to be". Yes, the bands I like may be dinosaurs, but dinosaurs come in a lot more different colours, shapes and sizes compared to people.

Japan isn't as weird as you think it is. They just are more publicly arty and dont assume they are the centre of the universe like America does. Don't ask me why i just said that, I'm in an observational mood.

The "Sun" book is going strong. Looooong chapters for some reason. I thought I'd cut up the plot into short bits, but it's starting to sprawl. It's a good thing though, suits the emotions and events or whatever.

Quotes are intellegence through belief. You look smart if you quote somebody, but in truth it is their intellegence shining through. It's the same with conceptual art. It isn't the thoughts of the artist you usually see, but whatever they have decided to look at the time. "Ooh, it's a can of soup, ooh it's a gum tree, etc". I'm not going to back my opinions up with evidence, cause everyone does that. I don't want anyone to believe me. They might start quoting me then. Hmm, I sound a bit up myself, sorry. I'm not. I was just trying to be clever. Didn't work, did it?


Watch For Watchmen

I've uploaded a new song for Well, its not exactly new, but I bet none of you have heard it. Haha! It's called Night of the Watchmen, and its a fabby little instrumental. It will pop up sometime in the next few days, so

Smokey Links

Not really news, but I added a whole stack of really exciting links to the
links section. I've probably doubled the list. If you're bored, and looking for something new, check it out.

Mysterious New Section

Don't tell anyone, but there is a
Mysterious New Section on the site. Don't ask me how it got there. :D

Another Song

Hey there, Flurph fanatics. It's been a while since I put anything on, so I might pop a new song in a few days. Keep your eyes and potatoes peeled. Don't forget the eyes on the potatoes.

Matt's Journal #117


I had a dream last night. There was a wall of blocks, and I pulled one out. They turned into pyramids, flanked by torches and elders of a lost civilization. One of the elders pointed to a statue of a sphinx-man and said,

"This looks like wisdom, but it is not"

My mum was there, and was wearing a small, diamond like pendant about half the size of a fingernail. It looked like an eye.

"This is God's eye," said the elder, pointing to the pendant. "This is true wisdom."

The elders then told us that my family were to fly over Egypt as our rite of passage.

The next thing I remember, I was at Gran's house, which just happened to be in Egypt, and we had just been across the desert from an aeroplane. Everyone knew it, but no one could remember that we had. It seemed that everyone who had experienced this rite of passage could never remember what they saw. I picked up a pamphlet.

"They have airlines in Egypt that advertise the trip." I said. "Surely they remember what they saw, they see it all the time."

Apparently they did not.

My brother Chris walked into the room, perhaps he had just woken up. I don't know. We asked him if he could remember. He claimed he could, but stumbled when I asked him what he saw. He couldn't remember at all.

We all went outside, and there came a voice that sounded like tearing flesh. It said


Then I woke up in shock, it was 6AM. I had a cold shower, a stream of pure consciousness, just to make sure I was awake. A startling experience.

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