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Flurph Newsboard

Number 31 - September 2003

Latest News:Got it Covered

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Matt's Journal #115 Don't Live Vicariously Through Your Dog
Matt's Journal #113
Matt's Journal #112
Alphabet Soup - Poem of the Week
Spring Flurph

Got It Covered

The cover of "Don't Live Vicariously Through Your Dog", my new book has been finished up. I drew it myself, its kind of like a face made of shapes. I'll put an image up here as soon as possible so you all know what to look out for. :P

Matt's Journal #115


My writers block is officially over. I wrote 2000 words today on the "Sun" book. I'm back in the pink, or red, or some kind of blood filled colour, even blue would do. Blue like my Bertie Beetle bag that my brother bought me from the show. That's right, the one dollar one. Generousity abounds doesn't it? I spose I cant talk. But I can write, can't I? I can write!!

Episode two of the Daleks on Doctor Who tonight. The first time we get to see a Dalek. I've read the book a million times, but I've never seen this actual episode before. The last one, last night was really creepy. Like the sounds and the harsh reflections of the metallic walls. It was all so tropical and eerie. A good texture, I thought. Gee, I'm talking about old science fiction like it was cheese. Swiss cheese, cause often there were a lot of plot holes. Haha! I get paranoid about plot holes in my stuff, the Isle of Telethis sequel is on hold until I can remove a very gapingly big plot hole in it. No one sees it until I remove it! Well, they can see it if they want, they'll just be dissapointed. I don't like dissapointing people. I aim to please, really.

Don't Live Vicariously Through Your Dog

It's officially official. I got a new book coming out and it's called "Dont Live Vicariously Through Your Dog". If you've been reading the poems in
Flurph News and the adventures of John Negated here on the site, then you have a goos idea of what this little book will be like. More news when it comes, as soon as it comes, I assure ya.

Matt's Journal #113


They are digging up the streets of my home town to put in sewerage. All the waste will be pumped away, will I be too? There are abandoned cranes and diggers and all sorts of things, like some giant child has been playing trucks. Sensible giant child, he hasn't left his giant teddy around. Just as well, the whole place has been dug up. There's mud all the colours of the dirtbow. Brown, black, orange, compost green - everything. It's quite exotic mixed with all the upturned grass. I find dumps to be quite exotic, very foreign places. Maybe it is because western countries like Australia consider themselves very clean, and thump this image into people when they are very young. You must be neat and tidy, wash your hands before meals, don't have smudges on the pictures you draw, make sure you are "colour coordinated", (whatever that means). It is understandable to find vast mess exotic, even alien. No, scrub that. Clean mouthed people are alien in todays society. Ironic really.

Matt's Journal #112


Doctor Who comes back next Monday, and I've stocked up high with videotape and smiles. Just the thing to cheer me up. I got worries about the next book, which I'm filling up like someone fills up a loose CD-ROM. Running out of things to put in it. Well, good things anyway. I don't believe in filler, but if I make some really silly or thoughtful filler...

Bought Radiohead's the Bends yesterday. I bought OK Computer a couple of weeks before. I think I would have enjoyed the band more if I'd bought the Bends first. It's a lot heavier, OK Computer is so light it nearly floats off the CD rack. It took some getting to used to. It's funny how so many arty darlings hold onto Radiohead as if they are avant nature's son or something, but they're really pop, the way Coldplay are today. The thing is Radiohead didn't really catch on. I remember in Year 12, I called the local Triple M station pop music and all the big tough lads looked at me as if I had no idea what I was talking about. Well, to me it makes sense. If it's available in every single record store, then its pop.

I listen to lots more music than I read. Have you noticed? You cant write a book while reading someone elses at exactly the same time. I have a very short attention span, and I don't like people summing things up for me. Best of Shakespeare, who has the right? Best colours, best smells, best tastes!!! According to who. Rank and file things like robots, we do. Emotional robots. The line between man and machine is distinct as ever, I jump it like a schoolgirl plays hopscotch.

Alphabet Soup - Poem of the Week

(C) Matt Quarterstein 2003

Letters on a plate
I'm stirring this debate
And eating my words soon enough

No sauce for this quote?
It's a dry anecdote
And the wording much too tough

I've bitten off more than I'd chew
Regurgitate a point of view
I'd heard before, so now I spew
It back again

Arguments are quite a mess
But then again, you should have guessed
Words flinging onto your clean dress
And back again

Strands of gossip at the bottom
Your sifting through, and feeling ill
They're lying there, I know they're rotten
When they're cold they'll be forgotten

I know it's hard to swallow
Take my word, and try tomorrow
These things take time to digest
Wrap it up and get some rest

Wrap it up and get some rest.

Spring Flurph

Spring, and Flurph is on a roll. Get it? No, I guess not. Nevermind. We have another edition of Flurph News, and there should be some interesting surprises this month...

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