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Flurph News

Number Three - 3/2/2002

Words that start the news

Yes, we have another edition for you. I bet you thought we'd quit, but we haven't! Haha! Ah yes… we are still here, as far as you are concerned. Right, well we have a little bit of actual news content in here this week, and we're all out of filler. What a coincidence, that's what everyone wants! News on a news site? I bet you do, I don't understand the point of it myself, but if news is what you want on a news site, you've got it! Ok, well that's settled, I hope you have fun reading this weeks edition. Cheerio and all that...

Internet Archaeology

No, this has nothing to do with 2000 year old pots from Mesopotamia or anything like that. I just thought that "Internet Archaeology" would be the best way to describe a link to my quite old website that I no longer do anything with but remembered after eons of neglect (from early 2001). The address is and it basically has a lot of junk on it. If you like junk, have a look, but don't expect anything new there. It is quite, quite dead.

Off The Damn Track

Yep, that's where this page usually goes, and basically anything we do, really. Which is why it is the name of the next CD we are doing. Two tracks are already completely done, out of a planned 15, so we're getting there gradually. It's already sounding a lot different to Rail Evening Bent, which really isn't that hard to be, so it will be interesting when it's done. There's also real music on here this time, which kind of gives it some atmosphere, seems really promising. If you are good, we'll put some samples up when it's finished. But only if you are good, if you aren't then we'll just have to post up some bad poetry, like all the other semi-amateur websites…

Bent Railway Completed

But while you wait, you can now access a 30 second sample of every track from Rail Evening Bent. They're all there, all 15 of them. So if you want to check that out you can. The whole of People People People is there even, all 35 seconds, so consider yourself privileged! We asked Matt, Dean & Sam which were their favourite tracks on there, and they actually had some favourites…
Matt Q: Gah-Lobe-Alization, Flurph, Rail Evening Bent (Interlude)
Dean W: Flurph, Rail Evening Bent (Interlude), Andy Derivative
Sam N: Flurph, Rail Evening Bent (Interlude), Book Songs (Project)
Check them out, if you dare, and I mean only if you dare… really I do!

Pointless Democracy

Yep, in a way, all democracy is pretty pointless. I mean, there's always more stupid people than smart, so a stupid decision is always made. Ahem… but don't brand me as a communist sympathizer just yet (even though I am… kidding!), because I have some democracy that's almost as pointless as your local election for you to do yourself. It's a net poll, that can be taken on the index page. The current question is "What is your favourite animal?". Which animal shall win this election? I can only wonder and despair at that…

Give me Flurph and the TV

More news about our little Jack Russell mascot, Flurph. Flurph likes to watch TV, like a lot of dogs, nothing special about that. But when the TV at Dean's house is turned off, she goes to bed. Just like that, a Flurph you can turn on and off. But recently, things have changed, now Flurph not only goes to bed when the TV is turned off, but she hops on the closest unoccupied chair and falls asleep. Not only a dog you can turn on and off, but one that keeps your chair. You want a Flurph, you're jealous! So jealous, you're turning your screen green with your phosphorescent envy. Yes, you are glowing in the dark, just like a TV at midnight. Don't wake up Flurph!

Next Week...

How about you guess, and I bet you'll be more accurate than what I will be! Haha! No really, cause I have no idea…

Quote of the week

"Until you try, you don't know what you can't do" - Henry James

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