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Flurph Newsboard

Number 28- June 2003

Six Thousand

The visitors just keep coming, it seems. Six thousand visitors have passed through these walls, that is if this site had walls. I'm pretty sure it has a roof, it's probably got Internet Explorer on it something. Possibly blue, unless you've gone and changed the settings. Anyway, same deal as with the 5000th visitor, I'm going to give a free copy of Isle of Telethis to the 6000th. How will I know? Well, you could e-mail me, or you could sign my guestbook by clicking the cute little buttons below. It's very simple.

More Conquest, More Leon

It's not exactly more Leon, but an e-release of the first episode of The Adventures of Leon Chubbadanfish, the Waiter and General Breadbasket. It's a nice little sci-fi romp, melded all into a lovely little script. And it's free, free I tells ya. Isn't that great? Well, isn't it? Get it here.

Matt turns 20

Happy Birthday Matt!

John Negated goes Shopping, so Why Don't You?


Yes, we have a new John Negated story for you called John Negated Goes Shopping. I'm considering putting in the new book I'm planning, if it's good enough. If you think it is, or you just want to bother me you can.

I've also updated the links page, there's many an interesting site there, check it out.

What's This, Yet Another Book?

Seems so. Matt's compiling a collection of short stories, skits and poetry he's done into a nice little book. Who knows, maybe we might see ol' John Negated in print as part of it. Watch this space, you know you want to...

Matt's Journal #78


Just bought The Police's Zenyatta Mondatta for six bucks at JB Hi Fi, which is a bit of a bargain. At the All Music Guide website, they give it five stars. I've listened to it about 2 and a half times already, and I think it's pretty good. It plays a lot like a party, all very live and enthusiastic. A lot like the Beatles' Abbey Road in that respect. I love the song Don't Stand So Close To Me, the words, the production, everything. I used to have an MP3 of it that had been recorded off an LP with all the crackles and echoey bits. It just isn't the same with all the crackles, but then there's a million pieces of DSP software to put them in, isn't there. Saves you forking out heaps for a piece of half melted "classic" vinyl.

Vinyl always fascinates me. I mean, how does that stuff hold together while the needle plays over it? It's so cheap and fragile. DJs and the like really have to get over it. In the future I think they'll be mixing it up with DAT tapes on the dance floor. A lot of electronica artists do that already, so I hear. Orbital don't, they do everything live with keyboards, virtual guitars, virtual drums, virtually virtual everything. Virtual audience? Maybe.

That could be something the future holds, manufactured bands who not only lip-sync, but have a audience at their concerts projected by hologram, to convince people that they are really popular. I see it happening. Do you?

I'm working on two books at once again. You know what happens when I do that? One gets dropped. I'm gonna try and be tricky this time, and finish one before I get sick of it. Nothing like being tricky.

My birthday is coming up on Sunday. Turning 20. Quarter life crisis all over again.

It Will Be Done

Good news. The Isle of Telethis sequel Will of Verkataland is underway. So far so good, so look out.

Matt's Journal #76


Went to Deans on Saturday, we rented the AniMatrix, a series of short animated films based around that green place where people dodge bullets in slow motion. In my opinion, it was better than both the movies because most of the little films got rid of the murk that annoyed me so much about the Matrix. You know what I mean, the filth, the dirt, the grime, all that film noir crap. You know what they replaced it with, psychadelia. Swirling colours and abstract images, and less guns. That's more like it. Now when you're talking about states of consciousness, you gotta have some tripiness. In that respect I think the film "Waking Life" got it's point across better than "The Matrix" did, because it has all the weird stuff going on. Come to think of it, "Yellow Submarine" dealt with states of consciousness better than the Matrix, and all it's really about is the Beatles.

I love weird stuff.

Started writing "Will of Verkataland" a day before I'd planned to, does this mean I'm just so excited about it? Time will tell, won't it just? I've started reading Doctor Who again as well, Day of the Daleks. I've got about 100 full length Who novels I haven't read yet that I bought, so I'd better make my money's worth of them. They're not just all cool front covers you know. I've got a lot of books lying around that I need to read. Some Asimov and some Arthur C. Clarke. All very good stuff. Probaby reread the Chronicles of Narnia while I'm at it, haven't picked those up in about 10 years. Maybe some Alice in Wonderland too. So much to do, so little time. Or so much time, but so much wasted on writing journals for your website. That's more like it. Ah well, times just a state of consciousness. I'm off to watch "Yellow Submarine", if I can find the tape under all this junk.

More Fuel For The Fire

I have another chapter of the Book of Fire for you, if anyone is interested. View it here.

Music by Zaanbyn


As part of an outside project sort of thingy, Matt's going to put some music together, some of which will be on this site in the MOD section. For these particular pieces, all intrumentally kind of RPG-ish sounding, he's going under the name Zaanbyn, a character from the Book of Fire. Speaking of which, I'd better add another chapter to the site one of these days, just to show you all I'm still alive. Anyway, I've put two songs up, they're called:

*Zaanbyn's Jazz Hall and
*Staring At Clouds

Both of which, when unzipped can be played in most multimedia players.

Watch this space, bambinos!

June Buggy

Welcome, ladies, gents and those of you in between, and welcome to the Dune Buggy edition of Flurph News. We have lots of sand to show you this month. Here's some now!

Matt's Journal #74


Mandy came down on Sunday just to break up with me. She seemed pretty determined to do it, and in a hurry. It was like she had a to-do-list, you know, go shopping, get some petrol, dump Matt, etc, etc. She said she wasn't happy with the relationship, and she didn't say much else. I tried to ask why, but she said that all the reasons spoken aloud would just hurt me more. I was shocked at the time, now I'm just downright mad. I feel absolutely used. She played me like a guitar, then snapped me over her knee. I was out of the loop in my own relationship. Everyones so afraid of good reason.

I saw someone else in the car as she drove away. Couldn't tell if it was a guy or a girl. :(

Not something I needed right now, an awful feeling like that. I'm too numb to be reflective right at this moment, just as well since it is a public entry and any insults or ramblings I came up with would be all over the world

I was in the coffee shop today (though I don't drink coffee, I had a meat pie, some salad and a glass of milk) and an angel came to me. He looked like a glass statue covered in running water. No one else could see him. Or her, couldn't really tell. It put a hand on my shoulder and said "Do not be afraid". I wasn't afraid either. Then it disappeared. Maybe God is trying to tell me something, even though I don't know what it is. I'd been to the chiropractor before that, so maybe I dreamt it, but it got me out of the depression for the day. For the most part.

I have a big fear at the moment, and that's with the Isle of Telethis sequel. I have a feeling that critics (if I have any) will call it uninspired and reeking of sequel-itis. I'm afraid of that. I so am. I had a whole lot of cool things I added to the outline today, so I'm on the right track I think. No angels though, I don't steal ideas from my own life. Leave that to no talents with no imagination, like John Marsden. Sorry, don't mind me, I just do not like the guys work one itty bit. Even his first publisher says he sits on his laurels half the time. I just don't like him. That and the way people laud the little middle aged dweeb like he has something worthwhile to say. Like in Grade 6,I was in a triva team thing, for our school, and we got to pick books for the library. I wanted Doctor Who and Lone Wolf and some books by some TALENTED AUTHORS, but they picked a whole lot of crappy new age picture books and John bleedin' Marsden because he was so socially accepted in literary circles. Literary circles? We were in Grade flippin' 6!

Did I get to pick any books? Not one. Not a single one, I tells ya.

Grumble, grumble, squawk. Pardon me.

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