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Flurph Newsboard

Number 27 - May 2003

Miscellaneous News


Isle of Telethis has a sequel that's getting planned as we speak. It's divided into six segments, but it's probably going to be in the same book.

Incidentally, no one has claimed to be the 5000th person to visit my site, I guess this means no one gets any goodies. They would have gotten a book, you know. But I guess no one's going to get a book now... oh well.Anyone want any more Book of Fire? I can put the next chapter up if anyone wants it. All you have to do is ask.

Matt's Journal #71


Been reading the Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard, it's put me right off advertising the Isle of Telethis. I don't want to make people feel they need this book, I just want people to enjoy it if they choose to. Maybe that's why I'm not such a great businessman. I write, don't I? You don't have a dream and say "I want to be a guy who sells products to a dissatisfied public". Well, not me anyway.

Went to see The Matrix Reloaded for Dean's 20th. I liked it better than the first one, but then I never really like the first one. Tell the truth, I hated it. It blatantly ripped off all my favourite films. For those who haven't seen it, the Matrix Reloaded a lot like a martial arts film meets the 80s film version of Dune, minus Sting. It would have been good if Sting was in the Matrix Reloaded. I don't know what he could do. He could sing Contact while dodging bullets or something. It's not like it would ruin the atmosphere or anything, this movie was pretty jokey. Instead of me thinking Morpheus was a blabbering idiot, Morpheus WAS a blabbering idiot. You know what, it felt like an episode of a TV show rather than a movie. The to be continued with trailer at the end just added to that.

That's my two cents, and I want CHANGE, buster!

Sam wants a copy of Blur's Think Tank off me. Shame it's copy protected, eh?

5000 people? I don't know 5000 people!

Someone's just been the 5000th viewer of my site. What a nice, round number. Unfortunately, I don't know who it is. If you visit this page sometime today (the 22nd or the 23rdish of May), you can e-mail me and claim to be the 5000th visitor. The first person's I read, I'll send them something nice. Don't send me spam, that doesn't count and it's just downright rude. Ahem. Yes, 5000 is nice.

Firey Return

I never leave, really I don't. I just sit behind this newsboard, waiting for something to tell you guys. And now I have something. Some goodies, in fact. Not baddies, or in betweenies. I am pretty sure I have goodies for you. I have a sample chapter of a book I may or may not bring out. Have a read and tell me what you think. I'll update my little minipoll thing too, and post it up so you can say something there. Cool...

Matt's Journal #68

Well, I got back together with Mandy, and my new book is going fine. It'd take too long to explain, so I won't. Besides, it's none of your business, is it? You nosey people. Ignore any bad vibes from any previous journal entries. That's all I really have to say at the moment. I gotta get back to work to give you some more news, hey? :P

Matt's Journal #64


This just happens to be my "public" entry doesn't it? Not exactly a good time, but the show must go on. And on, and on. I'm planning the sequel to Isle of Telethis. (Is that newsworthy?) Seems to be going well, just gotta keep adding exciting new features, like windscreen wipers and ABS brakes. And when it gets published, I'll have to put a racing stripe down the side to make it look like it can go faster on those toll road freeway thingies up in Melbourne.

But that's by the by, isn't it ladies and gentlemen?

I went to Mandy's 21st, and so did Dean and Sam. They got on with everyone. There were no candles, no cake and no balloons, but it was a 21st all the same with presents and stuff. Boyd and Sam got along like a house on fire, listening to System of a Down and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers all night. I got asked the same old questions by people, me being the boyfriend of the 21st-er and everything. But no, really it was fun. I just didn't see Mandy that much, I felt a bit distanced, actually. I got to have pizza for the first time since my hyperinsulunu... whatever it's called. I can technically eat what I like, but I still stick to my diet pretty strict though.

I stayed over and woke up on mothers day. Things got awkward then, and I don't know why. I seemed to hang around like a bad smell or something. I felt out of place, and it wasn't because of anything anyone else was doing. I felt like I was being ignored, like on purpose. I wrote a song about the whole experience, but I'll explain that later.

Went over to Mandy's sisters for fish and chips and such, and I was bored. She drove me home and took me to this lookout with her sister she'd always been meaning to show me. She said in a sort of tired voice. "That's it". I felt like the dog that was about to be put down, I really did. You know, they take them out to the forest and let them go.

We got back to my house, and I told her what I was feeling. That stuff wasn't working out between us. I'd meant for us to solve it, I really did. I don't know whether it was ego, or misunderstanding, or boredom, but we broke up then and there, right outside my house. Lots of hugs and no tears.

I walked away, and her last words to me were "Don't do anything stupid". I told her "I can't promise that". What I was really thinking is "I just done something stupid, haven't I?". This world is so fast and so competitive. If you can't cut it, you're off the team so to speak. Every relationship I have, I promise myself that I'll try to solve the problems with who I'm with, but every time a problem crops up in the relationship, someone runs away. I wish I could talk it through, make some compromises and get through it, like the responsible man I should be. She was a really special girl. If I only got one thing through to her, I hope it was that. She is beautiful and kind and worthy of so many things. If you met her, you'd know. You really would.

But now it's over, bang and whimper. She wants to be friends... She says I can call anytime...

I've been writing for a while, if it doesn't look that way, I've probably edited out a lot of stuff. From where I'm sitting, here in my leather backed antique chair facing an antique computer, I've written a lot. It hasn't taken a weight of my mind, not really. Its just shown me where it is.

Matt's Journal #61


Got Think Tank by Blur today. Had to go to Sanity, so I got ripped off. It's all Copy Protected, so I can't listen to it hi fi on the computer. Oh well. After one and a half listens as I write this, my favourite tracks are "Me White Noise", "Out of Time", "Caravan", "We've Got A File On You" (though it's not as good as I'd imagined it would be) and "Sweet Song". I wish "Don't Bomb When You're The Bomb" was on there. A little dissapointed, as they sound like an adult contemporary 30 year old band, but then they are all in their 30s, so you can't blame them. I think the drummer, Dave Rowntree, is in his 40s.

Went to Mandy's cousin's yesterday. She (her cousin) not only said my hair was bizarro, but that I was going bald. I looked in the mirror, and maybe I am. I could shave it all off, like some balding people do, but I think that's just sour grapes. "Oh, I don't like hair now. I never wanted anyway. I didn't!". Bulldust you didn't! I like those guys who are bald with the long hair and beards. Not only do they know what they want, they make the best of what they have got! They're the men, not these skinheads-by-so-called choice. I'll be quiet before the guy with the tatts beats me up, or even worse, sends me spam.

I run my hand through my hair as I type now, and I can feel spiky shoots of regrowth, like Daddy Cerea's alfalfa sprout goatee. It's the shaved head, the top of my heads not used to it. Can't blame it, haven't had a shaved head since I was 7. I don't remember it being a big deal though. I've got a picture of me in Grade 1 with it, pasty white. I remembered I was very sick that day. Funny how things stay the same, or start happening again. Whatever. A fevers supposed to thin out your hair, and I've been having those frequently. I'll be better and have lots of hair soon, I bet.

I bet...


Yeah, I know. None of you needed to know that, but now you do.

May-be, I'm still alive

Hello everyone, it's me Matt. Couldn't see that one coming could you? Har-de-har-har-queue-zed. Ahem. Yes, I am feeling quite dandy today, and that means good for all those who can't read between the lines on glass screens. Ooh, aren't you clever? No, I'm afraid I am. Oh right! News, you're after news, are you? Sorry, don't have any, but just to prove to you that I'm alive, I'm going to pop up an entry from my very boring journal. I'll pop one up each week, just to fill up space and stuff. It's not one of those blogs, never, cause then you have to hire a plumber to get it out of the pipes, don't you? What do you say? I hope you don't say anything, because you won't be saying it to me, cause I'm not really here in the computer, only my words are. Unless, of course, you're talking to one of those voice command sets that some new computers have, that would be a good thing because you'd be commanding it to scroll down to have a read and... etc, etc, etc, etc, typing cramp, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah (for good measure), etc, etcera, etc...

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