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Flurph Newsboard

Number 25 - March 2003

Four Fousand For Flurrrrph

Quarterstein's Site has now had 4000 visitors. Four thousand! Yipee! Let's go for 5000! C'mon! Lets!

More John

Just a little itty bitty note to say we have another John Negated adventure for you. This is one is called John Negated and the Analogue Bath. So read and enjoy. :)

Isle for Sale

Yep, you can now buy the Isle of Telethis online. Over at Seaview Press. To order, you can just click here. Don't worry if you accidentally click there, it is only the display screen thingy. No pressure, no pressure! :D

Isle Launch A Success

A little late, but I just thought you'd like to know that the Isle of Telethis book launch went really well. If you were at the launch, and would like to leave a message, please sign the message board. Here, I'll make it really easy... There were pictures taken, so I'll put them up soon, so you can all have a look. :D

A Patch of Good News

Isle of Telethis comes out Friday, just been printed and it looks great. Updates to that section of the site soon. (And if you still want to come to the launch, there's still time, e-mail Matt

More Tasty Goodies

13/3/2003 Just a friendly note to say that we have some more Isle of Telethis goodies available, including the first Isle of Telethis theme song, composed by Matt Quarterstein and everything. Did you know he's on a really strict diet? You do now. He can't have BBQ sauce or anything, and he really liked BBQ sauce.

Tasty Goodies

9/3/2003 Isle of Telethis is on it's way, and this website is celebrating. Well, actually I'm the one making it look like it's celebrating, all the website does is put it on the screen, hey? But look what it's put on the screen! A whole stack of Isle of Telethis related goodies. There's something there for everyone, I think. I'm pretty sure there is. If you feel there isn't something for you, well then you can come talk to me about it and I'll make it all better. Anyway, check it out.

New John

It's been about a year since I started John Negated, the funny little script series exclusive to this site. Well, to tell the truth, it's about a year since I wrote the last one, so I wrote another. View it here

New name

Here's some news, some say it might be good, others say it might be bad. Matt's book formerly known as Terra Ignoramus is now out of print, at least under that name, for the sake of peace. (Long story, I'd rather not go into it). It's going to be renammed "The Adventures of Leon Chubbanfish, the Waiter and General Breadbasket" when it returns in the near future, and it will be better than ever. Not only will it contain the first 8 Episodes that made the first book great, but it will contain 16 new ones. It will be thick and cool, and you'll be able to hit people over the head with it. But that's a fair way off. Keep your eyes peeled. The Book of Fire will probably come out before that, and the Isle of Telethis will definitely will be there before it.

Marching Along

Another month, a new Flurph News. The Isle of Telethis release is coming up, and we have a new poll for the website. Would you like to take it? Please do. It's just below. When I have some new new news I will bring it to you. :)

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