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Flurph Newsboard

Number 24 - February 2003

Isle of Telethis Launch

We got a time, we got a place, we got a day. Isle of Telethis is coming out March 21st. There's a launch too, which is pretty much confirmed. If you want to get invited or would like to e-mail me. I got the test copy today, looks good. :D:D

I'm not scared of you

I'm not! - MQ

A book with nothing in it

Wouldn't that be cool to release? A book with nothing in it. You could call it, "The Book with Nothing in It", and people would ask "does this book have nothing in it?", and you would tell them "yes it does have nothing in it". Wait, I'm sure that's happened before. Anyway, the point of this news item is to tell you all that we have a guestbook now. It's really nifty, so if you want to sign it, you can. Who knows, maybe one day I'll be arrogant and sign it myself. See ya later. :P

Burning Ahead

Just a note to say that Matt has finished writing "The Book of Fire", so yaaay to that. It's a skinny little thing, with some elements of Kraut Fiction in it (did I just make that up?). It's got a lot of numbers and arty mathematics, at any rate. It will probably gather dust for some time before it comes out anywhere. The same goes with the sequel to Terra Ignoramus and an anthology of scripts I wrote. If I could have them all out now, I would.

Isle of Telethis Is Not Marooned

Nope, were on track again. Sorry about the lack of news, I've had conjunctivitis. Eew. Anyway, the typesetting proofs are on their way, so Isle of Telethis should follow. Too early for a release date yet. Watch this space. I'll update more often, I promise.

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