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Flurph Newsboard

Number 23 - January 2003


Yes, we've had 3000 visitors! Great hey? Thanks for stopping by.

Prove it to me

Well, work on the Isle of Telethis is well underway. The typesettings done, and it's just about to go off for a test print. I'm still figuring out the book launch and things. Don't worry, I'll tell you when I know. If you are interested, or wouls like to pre-order or something, email me at Thanks...

We got creatures!

I've been a busy little bee, and if you're not careful, I'll sting you. Scared? No, of course you aren't. No ones scared of me. It's the other way round, isn't it? Um... yeah. Just thought I'd tell ya that I've added another section to the Isle of Telethis page. This one is the Bestiary Page where I have all the monsters and things from the book. Go knock yourself out! Not literally, otherwise your gonna run out of chloroform when you really need it...

An Isle With Character

Yep, for all you pre-emptive Isle of Telethis fans out there, we have the characters page up and running with all its Flashy goodness. Sorry about the lack of illustrations, but I couldn't get anyone to do realistic drawings of people, and I can't do realistic drawings of people. I guess you'll just have to read the book to find out what they look like (when it comes out, that is)

Anniversary of Flurph

That's right! It's been a year since this websites been up. Yaaaaay! I don't have any spare stories that I can put up to celebrate, but I can write you a poem. Here we go.

Ode to the Anniversary of Flurph - By Matt "Hggn" Quarterstein

Wonderful Flurph
The place you can go to read stories and sturph
You'll have so much fun that you can't get enurph
So be like a Bonnie and follow that Flurph

Ahem! Considering I wrote that in one minute flat I didn't do a half bad job of it. Anyway, um... yay for us. One year of Flurph News. Browse the Archive if you want to reminisce. Yes...

Burnt Out

No, it's not what you think. I'm planning a new book, and it's called Book of Fire. See how busy I am? My "new" book Isle of Telethis isn't even out yet and I'm already writing a new one. Haha!

Bonnie is better

This happened a little while ago, but Bonnie (Dean's dog) is all better now. Just so you all don't get all worried and stuff. She's okay. Okay? All happy and fluffy again, and fighting with Flurph. ;)

Sam can sing?

That's news to me...


Um... that heading doesn't sound healthy. Anyway, just a note to say that the Isle of Telethis section of the website is getting built together nicely. It's got Flash and everything. You see, that's what I was trying to do, have a joke. See? Flash, exhibitionist. Aw... forget it. You can click on the link and head over if you like. If you are reading this newsboard from the Terra Ignoramus section, please use this link to see the Isle of Telethis section, otherwise your browsers gonna get filled with way too many frames and things, which just looks yucky.

Bonnie isn't so Bonnie

Bad news. Bonnie, that's Dean's other dog that isn't Flurph, has eaten some snail bait. :( Things should be okay though. She made it to the vet.

Isle of Telethis Prelude

Yes, I got the proofs back today from Ashleigh and I am very pleased to say that the publication process for Isle of Telethis (my new book) is on the way. Haha! To give you a sneak peak of what is in this new book, I put the Prelude on the site. I'm eventually gonna put up a whole section for the book, all with Shockwave Flash and stuff, but the prelude is a start. :D:D

A Glimpse of Goodies to come

The thing that annoys me about having a news site is knowing stuff you can put on there that isn't really confirmed. But you can't put that on, cause it isn't news, is it? It's a rumour. Well, hopefully these won't be rumours. Just a reminder, really. We've got some goodies coming to this site. Oh, have we ever! A whole new section for Matt's new book (Isle of Telethis), a Terra Ignoramus animation, and maybe some more music, though I'm not sure if that's specifically for the site. Keep your eyes peeled and your lemons... um... also peeled. If you have any apples, peel them as well, all right? Oh, yeah, news! Um... the proofreading for Isle of Telethis is all done (thanks again to Ashleigh Ellison), and it's on it's way back to me (Matt). I really should stop doing that, talking in the third person, then slipping back into first. Hey, sounds like I'm talking about car gears... etc.

Dean can sing?

Apparently he can. All I'll say is there's something in the works. Ooh, mysterious!

Matt can sing too?

I can? What on Earth is that supposed to mean?

Celebrations are in order

They certainly are! Flurph News has been around for a year! Hooray and all that. To celebrate, I've done something quite super special. I've uploaded a little treat. Episode 9 of Terra Ignoramus. The bit with the actual "proper" ending of the book! I left this out because I wanted the sloppy ending of Episode 8 rather than all those nice tight well-drafted endings you find in books. Not that I draft anything I do. I have a saying about that. "If you need to draft, it means you didn't write it very well in the first place". Gee, it annoys other writers when I say that. Them and their whole freakin' system. LoL Ahem. Anyway... Maybe it will be the beginning of another Terra Ignoramus book one day. I've got enough for another book, so you'll just have to wait. For now, you can enjoy quite a nifty episode right here

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