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Flurph Newsboard

Number 22 - December 2002

You can call her... the proofreader

As you know (or are just about to find out) Matt Quarterstein's new book is finished, and is in preparation for release. It's got a name now and everything. Isle of Telethis. I really wanted a forty word title, but I couldn't think up that many words. Ah well. It is in the proofreading stage now, so I can get rid of typos. What is a typo you ask? A typoo iz whennnnnn s;ldigjq;o you make make make a mistake. I happen to make a lot of mistakes, so I got someone to help me. That someone is Ashleigh Ellison. She's doing the proofreading and she's a very nice girl. So a big cheerio to her, hey? And a thank you too! How about a smiley face. :D Three cheers? Why not! Hip hip! Hooray! Hip hip! Hooray! Hip hip! Hooray!

Festive Flurph

Almost the end of the year, but just because we're running out of days doesn't mean were running out of news. Yep, you'll still be seeing news pop up here, all through the festive seasons. And lots of goodies and gifts too. Though you won't see any altered headings with scanned in tinsel on. Nah. I think that's just plain tacky....

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