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Flurph Newsboard

Number 21 - November 2002

Matt's Second Book - Coming Soon

Well, I've finally done it. I've put together another book. It's completed, but I have to touch it up, then I'm going to have it proofread, so expect it out in the near future. Seaview Press? Maybe. Nothings confirmed as yet. Just as a treat for you, I'm going to post the prelude on this website very, very soon. Probably at the same time I reveal the name of the book. Actually, how about we make a whole new section of the website, like I did with Terra Ignoramus. Yeah, that'll be good. Lots of goodies and things. You'll all like that, won't you? Splendid! Splendid! And I will do it. I may even get round to making that Flash Movie of Ghost Aliens like I wanted. I'll get there, you know I will. ;)

Thank You


Matt Quarterstein's talk at the Hastings Library was yesterday. The people were very nice, and apparently it all went well. I'd like to thank everyone who came and supported me** Cheers! Now back to writing my new book, it's nearly there!

**There was this one guy at the library though, some middle aged avant garde loser, who was an absolute pain in the neck. He wasn't listening to a word I was saying, I don't think they never do, they just like to come to criticize the way you live your life. He only came to ask if I could write the dialogue (not the plot, just the words) to some piece of crap theatre production he was working on. Something about WWII and people, there weren't any monsters or killer bees or anything cool in it. Not only that, but he came in late to my talk, claiming he wasn't even there to see me. He kept going on about how he was trying to suck up to some TV producer, and how he wanted to show in the piece Australia's unquestioning support toward America's war against Iraq on which he was determined to cash in on. Ugh! What a moron, what a fake. What a misery vampire! He gave me this synopsis, which I burnt on the fire today, though even that was too good for it. You wouldn't believe how corrupted the entertainment industry is, and these creepy saddos expect you to go along with they do things unquestioningly as if you have no morals or something. The nerve of them! Makes me so mad!! *Sigh* But apart from that, everyone else was very nice. Thank you to all of them, except for that guy :(

Bad News :(:(:(

Yep, there's bad news. I don't like posting bad news, but anyway. Two of the Terra Ignoramus talks (Mornington and Rosebud) have been cancelled by the Mornington Peninsula Libraries. It's really dissapointing, but life goes on. I still have a talk at the Hastings Library November 14 at 1:00 PM, so we'll just have to make this the best damn talk ever! Be there :P

Terra Ignoramus Talks, Coming Very Soon!

November 14! That's the day Matt Quarterstein is doing a talks in libraries on the Mornington Peninsula.
Here are the times and places one more time...

Rosebud Library at 10:00 AM
(25 Ninth Avenue, Rosebud)

Hastings Library at 1:00 PM
(7 High Street, Hastings)

Mornington Library at 3:00 PM
(19 Main Street, Mornington)

Mods & Rockers

Welcome to Flurph News #21. Guess what? I finally got around to putting a mod file on the site. The trouble was that I couldn't find one that I had made compatible with all media players that support MODS. Well, I made one that did, and even though it sounds like music off a gameboy it will work just fine in Winamp. The file is called Potatoes & Rice and it can be found on my MOD Page. Apart from the file, that page still doesn't have much on it. I've been busy writing my new book, you see, and blah blah blah...

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