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Flurph Newsboard

Number 20 - October 2002

Visitor 2000

That's right, we here at Flurph News, in our celebrationist 20th edition have had our 2000th visitor. Yay for us is what I say. Today I may say yay today. Yay or nay may I say yay. Yay you say so I say yay. Yeah, um... We shall have to do something to celebrate. Maybe I'll put up a guestbook, or one of those maps where people can put a dot saying what part of the world they are from. Would you like that? :p

War Against Stomach Flu

Yes, apologies for not updating the site recently, as I (Matt) have had the stomach flu or something like it. It was a nasty, nasty piece of work, I tell you, I couldn't get up for days. It was really frustrating, and it's delayed the book I'm working on even more. I had hoped to have had it completed (written, not published) before my talks in November. Hmm. Might take a little longer, but not much... hopefully. Oh, what am I doing pottering round on this website? I'd better get back to it!

The Super Lucky Exploits of the People and Things of the Isle of Telethis

Quite a title, huh? Yes, it is, I like it a lot. I (Matt Quarterstein) am halfway through writing a new fantasy novel that is so far untitled. It will probably be called The Super Lucky Exploits of the People and Things of the Isle of Telethis but with a much longer title. I don't want to give anything away just yet as I might want to change it, or you might want to nick my ideas. Not that you'd ever do that... When it gets closer to completion and publication, I'll post up a sneak peek. Watch this space, though it will probably be filled entirely with a colossal new title...

Terra Ignoramus Talks, Just A Reminder

That's right, November 14, Matt Quarterstein is doing a few talks in some libraries on the Mornington Peninsula. Here are the times and places once again...

Rosebud Library at 10:00 AM
(25 Ninth Avenue, Rosebud)

Hastings Library at 1:00 PM
(7 High Street, Hastings)

Mornington Library at 3:00 PM
(19 Main Street, Mornington)

All he needs to do is figure out what to talk about now...

20 Editions of Flurph

You'd better believe it. This is the twentieth edition of Flurph News! Good for Flurph... we've had about 1700 visitors since the site started, which is nice. Hope we have some news this month. :)

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