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Flurph News

Number Two - 27/1/2002

Some Waffle at the Start that Describes Flurph News' Content

That's what this is. Yep, we're back for a second week of Flurph News. We've got lots of goodies for you, all 100% fat free, as long as you don't eat your computer. Yep, and my lame sense of humour is back too, as you've probably noticed. Now, what have we got? We've got information about a couple of our projects, and some handy links as well. Oh, and at the end of Flurph News I've added a quote of the week, something I dug up from somewhere. I'll dig one up next week too if you want. Yep…Well, there's nothing much else I have to say up here at the top of this page, except for you to stop poncing around up here. I mean, there's the rest of Flurph News to read. Geez… do you know what? My spell checker doesn't have poncing in it! What a disappointment… it's not even in my handy little dictionary. I guess it's not as handy as I thought…

To clear up a few things...

You know, we've actually had people come and read last weeks edition of Flurph News, which I thought was quite nice. But also a little worrying, cause that means someone is actually reading what I write... I mean... type. It can't be good for them. No, no, no... Ahem! Anyway... I get asked a lot of questions about the site, well not really. It's more like the same few questions over and over, and I kind of get bored of typing the same thing over and over. To make sure I am not bored typing the same thing over and over, we here at Flurph News have invested some valuable typing in a page we know as FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Instead of me getting bored typing the same thing over and over, you can go to the FAQ page and find out, it also saves me getting bored typing the same thing over and over. I am so glad I won't be bored typing the same thing over and over... (that's enough of that joke I think, I'm getting pretty sick of typing " bored typing the same thing over and over" over and over, because typing "bored typing the same thing over and over" isn't funny either. Ah well)

Rail Evening Bent

Speaking of bad humor, it seems that due to a demand of some sort, I'll have to start uploading bits of Rail Evening Bent to this site. Now for those (probably all) of you who don't know what that is, Rail Evening Bent was a really silly low-fi comedy CD we made back in July 2001, and it keeps making weird appearances everywhere. Very annoying, cause it's not the most flattering thing we could have done. I've put up a page that is devoted to it, so you can view it here for anyone who is interested. It's got a couple of samples from it that you can listen to, albeit low quality due to server restrictions. And against my will I'll update it regularly for you. How about that? The things I have to do for you people…

Terra Ignoramus

If anyone is interested, Terra Ignoramus may make a comeback in some form. It's always been a bit of an obsession of Sam's here at Flurph News, (he's still got my original copies at his house, what cheek!) so I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing some of it. A sci-fi comedy of sorts that Matt Quarterstein wrote too long ago. It's only 100 pages, so it's nothing spectacular, but resurrected in some form (a comic was suggested) it may be quite interesting. A page for it will probably come up soon, as soon as we find something to type about it. And if we have time, of course, amongst all the other stuff we've got planned…

Maybe, maybe not…

That would be the answer that any of us would give to the question "do you have any idea what your next project is going to be?". Fortunately, we haven't been asked that yet. But just in case anyone is thinking it, I'll tell you everything I know or even have a vague idea of knowing. Okay, well… there may be another comedy CD coming up from us, and 100 times better than Rail Evening Bent in terms of production quality, which isn't that hard if you've heard anything from it. Well also probably do something with all the scripts that we've written that grow out of our hands like mould in a bathroom… we'll see, as soon as we get organized.

More information about Flurph (the dog)

Here's some news about that dog that we all know and love, Flurph! I have discovered that she has a scar, on her nose from something falling on her. So you can now proudly say to your friends "Flurph has a scar!" While you are weirding out your friends you can also tell them where Flurph hides her tennis balls. Dean never has any tennis balls at his house, because Flurph hides them, you see. He never knew where she hid them, until one day she came around with a tennis ball, an old one. Dean followed Flurph and discovered this whole lot of tennis balls stacked behind a tree. Isn't Flurph clever? You know, for all the entertainment that Flurph gives us, I think it is our duty that we make her the mascot of our page. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

They'll tell you where to go

Here in Victoria, Australia… where the whole three of the members of Flurph News live, tertiary offers have come out, and none of us are going to a university. We're going to courses, yeah, but not those big institutions, and we are happy we are not. Unless you want to be a doctor or a lawyer or a businessman or something which requires rigid career knowledge, it's not really worth going to a university anyway. They treat you like a number, and teach you formulaic crap. Then you get demotivated, end up not working very hard, joining some club and drinking and smoking your life away at parties, and ending up three or four years down the track with an easily forgeable piece of paper. I've seen it happen, and it's not pretty. But for some people, that's their dream of what uni is… No offense to them, but in my opinion, no one great has ever come out of a university, Shakespeare didn't go to university, neither did Mark Twain, or the Beatles… and they beat the crap out of all those tryhard student films. So there… :p

An apology isn't necessary, but I'll do one anyway…

No, not about student films being tryhard. I meant that remark with all my heart, honest. I do feel I have to apologize about something we said in Flurph News last week, though. I kind of said that we might have an interview with someone, probably one of us, no one special. We couldn't deliver that to you this week, cause we were busy. So I'm sorry. I'm sure you'll get over it, or better yet, not even care!

Next Week…

Well, I'm not making any promises about next week's edition of Flurph News. We'll have something for you… I'm sure of that, if only that. But for now it's time for one more thing, as promised…

Quote of the week

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

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