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Flurph Newsboard

Number 18 - August 2002

Talking Books

Here are the times and places that Matt Quarterstein will be talking on Thursday the 14th of November

Rosebud Library at 10:00 AM
(25 Ninth Avenue, Rosebud)

Hastings Library at 1:00 PM
(7 High Street, Hastings)

Mornington Library at 3:00 PM
(19 Main Street, Mornington)

I might pop these dates somewhere else later for ease of access. Ta.

What's in the pot?

Gee, it's been a while since I posted any news. I've been having problems with my computer. Anyway, I'm back so everything is nice and better again, ay? So you might be asking, like the heading says, what's in the pot? Well, I (Matt) have been currently working on two books at once, one of them being a piece of fantasy literature and the other being the sequel to Terra Ignoramus. Who knows, one of them may be released later down the pipeline, I'm not sure which. Maybe I'll put a poll up asking what kind of book I should release next. Yeah, maybe. Oh yes! I almost forgot. Matt Quarterstein (that's me) will be doing talks at libraries on the Mornington Peninsula (that's in the state of Victoria, Australia) in November, about Terra Ignoramus and about writing in general. I'll post the exact when and where of them all tomorrow, for you all to have a squiz at, right here at the Flurph Newsboard, so keep an eye out. Yep, that's what's in the pot, metaphorically. If you want to know what's in the literal pot, I'll have to go check. Probably some kind of stew or related stew-like soup...

1000th Visitor!

Yep, we hit 1000 visitors recently, which was very nice. Once again, thank you for your support. It calls for another celebration, I think, though I'm probably only thinking that because it's a chance to slack off and eat junk food. Haha!

Article Up

I know it was a week ago, but I've finally uploaded the article featuring Matt Quarterstein and his book Terra Ignoramus that was published in the Mornington Peninsula Leader. It is sitting, quite comfortably, in the new Articles Page. Feel free to have a look.

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