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Flurph Newsboard

Number 17 - July 2002

Musical Bent

As an extra addition to the Rail Evening Bent transcripts page I've added some MIDI music that we actually used in the recording of the sound files. I'd forgotten that I had these sittng around on my computer. They're not that good, and the MIDIs on the Terra Ignoramus page are a lot better, but they do give a better insight into what Rail Evening Bent sounds like, as well as Matt's musical development. Haha! Oh dear...

Exhibit A

You know, I really couldn't think of a good heading for this news subject, honest I couldn't. Ahem... if you read the Mornington Leader newspaper (that's a town in Australia, in the state of Victoria for you foreign types), you may soon see an article concerning Terra Ignoramus. Yep, Matt Quarterstein has been interviewed and photographed all for this article, which was nice. I'll post it up on this site as soon as it comes out for those who want to see. Cool...

Bent Anniversary

Two things. First off, it has been one year since Matt, Dean and Sam compiled the bunch of sound files known as Rail Evening Bent. To celebrate, I'm going to put transcripts of all of them up onto the site. I'd put the remastered sound files on (which I've been working on among other things) but my Bravenet webspace would kind of... erm... die. The transcripts are just as good, and pretty true to what was said (or mumbled) on the sound files. Secondly, it has been six months since I put up this site, and I'm still actually working on it. What an effort! Had about 850 visitors so far (I have one of those internal counters), and hoping to hit 1000. Once more, thanks for your support.

Temporarily Lost

It's a bit like that. Sorry I haven't updated the site recently. I've been on holiday and I've been sick, sometimes at the same time. Yeah, I went up to the Australian Alpine region, lots of snow and stuff. Great... Hmm, well I'm back and this site will be filled with even more goodies, and then some. Alrighty. Now you know. Speaking of temporarily lost, I've lost Edition 14 of Flurph News. If anyone copied it or something when it was on, could they please send me it. Thanks. I'm not usually that clumsy.

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