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Flurph Newsboard

Number 16 - June 2002

Matt's Birthday

21/06/2002 That's right. Tomorrow (The 22nd of June) is Matt Quarterstein's 19th birthday. Just thought I'd tell you. If you really want to, you can e-mail him at and say something. But you probably won't want to do that... haha!

Sour Blessing

14/06/2002 While busily promoting Terra Ignoramus all over the place. Matt Quarterstein has already started writing another book or three. One is an anthology of poetry, which is almost done (and if we're lucky, may get some posted up on the site), another is an collection of sketch comedy stuff (a little like the John Negated stuff you can find on this site) and the third is a prose fantasy story which, at the moment, is known only as Blessing of the Iron Lemon. When will any of these be round? Not for a while, but it's good to know what's on the horizon. More info about these when they get closer. ;)

500 Visitors!

10/06/2002 I am very proud to say that this site has just had it's 500th visitor since it started. What an acchievement, what a number. A pat on the back all round is in order, wouldn't you say. Thanks for your support, everyone, and lets hope the next 500 visitors enjoy the site too. You all have enjoyed the site, right? Haven't you. If you want to let me know either way, e-mail me at Thanks again! :)

Sample an Ignoramus

08/06/2002 I think these news headings with the word "Ignoramus" as a pun aren't that funny anymore. Anyway, we now have extracts of Terra Ignoramus up on their own little page, so you can have a squiz at them. Go on!


05/06/2002 Yes. It is here, all bright and yellow and full of beans, or some kinds of nutritious vegetable anyway. Terra Ignoramus, Matt Quarterstein's first book (that would be me) is now here. There's plenty of goodies on the Terra Ignoramus page telling you all about it. If you would like more info, please e-mail There will be quite a few reasonably minor events going on to celebrate this release that are still working themselves out, but I'll keep you informed. For now, though I think the occaison calls for a bit of immediate celebration. Where did I leave that cake?

Tooth Wempale gets drawing

05/06/2002 It's funny how things turn out. I needed some pictures of the characters for the Terra Ignoramus characters page and this guy (at least I think they are a guy) e-mails me these pics of all the characters, telling me their name is "Tooth Wempale". It might be one of my friends who drew them, just trying to freak me out, but I don't mind. At least I have same pretty good pics of my characters. Check them out

Terra Ignoramus is released tomorrow!

04/06/2002 Isn't it exciting. I only found out right after I'd written the previous piece of news. Talk about short notice! I'd been telling you it was coming soon, hadn't I? Well, now it's here. Visit the Terra Ignoramus page for more info (as if I hadn't said that a million times before) or e-mail me at's so thrilling, it's enough to make you want to go and cook some toast. I'm not talking that crappy white stuff either, I'm talking fruit loaf. :D

Ignoramus gets Framed!

04/06/2002 That's right. The Terra Ignoramus page has frames. I hated them for years, but I finally gave in to them. After all, it makes the navigation around the site a lot easier, and are actually now one click away from the Flurph Newsboard wherever you surf around the Terra Ignoramus area. I've ironed out most of the bugs, well squished them with the weight of the iron, but there is still the occasional hiccup with the frames here and there if you try to make them stuff up. But not many people try to do that... Just bear with me, okay?

Return of the Killer Webring!

03/06/2002 It could be a cheesy science fiction story, but it's true. Does that mean my life is cheesy? I really don't know. Do you? Anyway, I've started up a new webring list, and it seems to be going a lot better from when I last tried, where there was all this crap about me technically having two sets of the same webrings. The webring list is on the Terra Ignoramus page, and if I get enough webrings on it, I'll move it back to the webring page which is gathering a lot of dust at the moment. That'll be good cause I can have webrings that encompass the whole site, and I might be able to find someone to trade those bloody Doctor Who books with. Don't follow the link to the webring page at the moment though, it has got nothing on it and has still got the "original" site colour scheme. Brrr...

There Will Be News

03/06/2002 Yep. June is a big month for us at Flurph News, but if I say why, I won't have much else to report for the rest of the month, will I? Well, as you know, the book Terra Ignoramus is coming soon and there is plenty of stuff going on to promote that, amongst other things. So stay tuned, or loaded, or however you usually decide to keep track of a website. Alrighty, seeya then. Before I go, though, I have to warn you about the navigation through some of the editions of Flurph News, it's stuffing up and I gotta fix it, so if you're desperate to look through the old editions (which you won't be) use the Flurph News Archive. Okie dokie!

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