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Flurph Newsboard

Number 15 - May 2002

Greetings for some reason

26/5/2002 That's exactly what this is. Erin (Zookie_6 on Yahoo Chat) wanted me to say hi to her on the Flurph News board, so that's what I did. Okay. I've done it now, are you happy. :p

Flurph News is Board!

26/5/2002 Yep, Flurph News is back. In a much more friendly form, to read and to maintain, hopefully. See the nice new pic we have for a heading, see how pretty it is? We've even changed the name just a little bit "Flurph Newsboard". Yep, so here's the deal. Instead of being updated every week, it's gonna be updated whenever I have news, then archived each month. It makes it very convenient, as you can read the latest news at the top, and scroll down for the news before. Cool, well I hope you enjoy. Heck, I hope I enjoy... :D

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