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Flurph News

Number 13 - 21/4/2002


Stuck for Flurph...

Hi. You know, thirteen really is an unlucky number because I have like no news to report this week. None at all. Bummer... You know, it's because so very few people have anything to say. If anyone wants to say anything on here, e-mail me, I'm sure I'll put it on here. Because, if a lot of people had something to say on here, I reckon it'd be really cool. Will it happen? Will it? Hmm… it might. Well, I have to fill up a little space, so I'll tell you a story about more bad luck I've had with 13. Friday the 13th to be exact, I think one of the several Friday the 13ths in 1993, and I mean the calendar dates, not the films. Yep, just to be stupid, me and a few people who were my friends at the time, were reading ghost stories outside the library (we were in primary school). We got to one ghost story where it was raining stones, which broke car and house windows, and the door behind us began to creak. We turned around to discover the library door (which was made of glass) was falling backwards off it's hinges. It fell, smashing everywhere. It was a freaky, scary coincidence. Lots of other stuff happened that day, unlike today, where I have nothing to report. Weird how it goes… bloody 13…

Next Week

There had better be something...

Quote of the Week

" Why do ads appealing to individuality always have a whole bunch of people dressed the same, showing the same emotion doing the same thing?" Matt Quarterstein

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