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Flurph News

Number 12 - 14/4/2002


Look, it's Flurph

Yes, it is. Did you miss us? I sure did. Flurph News is back, I'm not going to let it die.

Do I Apologise Too Much?

I know I do. Sorry for missing out on Flurph News last week, it just slipped my mind. You know, slipped my mind like you can slip on a banana peel. As you know, life throws you a lot of banana peels. I'll look on the bright side, at least I won't be worrying about having a reputation of never missing a week of Flurph News. So, yeah, in that way it's quite a relief. Sorry

A Newer Look

To make up for missing Flurph News, I updated the site's look, like different colors and windows and everything. No frames though, cause they suck. Frames make me claustrophobic, they were obviously invented by a city dweller... brr... Anyway, I'll get round to updating all the pages soon (cause some aren't quite done), but I'll leave all the old editions of Flurph News and the various stories the same, for historical purposes

I'm Gonna Keep Reminding You...

Yep, I've finished another adventure for Terra Ignoramus, but it's not going to be in the book that's coming out. Don't forget that there's a book coming out, will you? Don't forget...

Encounter with Bonnie

I saw Bonnie, Flurph's new friend, the other day, last week, when I should have been typing up Flurph News. Very cute little dog, very sleepy as well. It has brown fur, and it just got wormed. That's all I know about it for now. Really, it is.

Next Week

If you are really lucky, I will remember to put Flurph News up next week. Yep.

Quote of the Week

" If you are frightened by a monster while you're on the toilet, don't feel bad, at least you don't need to change your underwear" Matt Quarterstein

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