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Flurph News

Number 11 - 31/3/2002


Time for a Chunk of Flurph

It is a chunk of Flurph alright. Chunkier than average recently, cause I got some news for you. Really chunky news, came of a boulder of information, broke off during the last ice age, which I found walking along some ancient riverbed... or something, and you know how archaeology takes so long... I'll shut up now and get on with the chunk of news, extract a sample for you.

Bonnie Prince Flurph

Yep, Flurph's new friend is in the house. It's name is Bonnie, and according to Dean, they are not getting on very well. Bonnie is mucking around like a puppy does, but Flurph is taking it seriously. Does this mean war? Does it? Will we ever know? More news as it comes on that one, on the warfront.

Egotistical Dialogues From Across No Sea

I mentioned a few editions ago that Egotistical Bullet scripts would be delayed. Well, they're finally coming in, eventually. From Dean we have got Heroes R Us and Quest For A Prop. From Sam we got a lot of stuff, including Johnny! Fok!, Arrrrr, and The Music World. I've done all of mine, so I'm not going to bother listing them. We can't show anybody any of them yet, I haven't even seen the others ones yet. This is more to do with Sam, really, as he doesn't want to see them until his are done. I'll quote him:
"I will in due time man, I hate looking at somebody's sketch before we put it together coz it always makes me think that mine might not be good enough."
Sam did say something about the nature of the stuff he's been writing:
"Well, I'm still writing so the idiots will laugh when they [read] it"
Good news, eh? Not saying that any of you are idiots. It's a bit of a misquote, but it'd be too messy to put the whole conversation down to prove it. Yeah... Well, my (Matt's) sketches are the same stuff I always do, a bit like John Negated but more analytical. It'll be good when it's all done, but we have no idea what to do with it all when it is. It'll work out.

Coma John

Speaking of John Negated, as far as I'm concerned, I'm not writing any more stuff about him for the foreseeable future. He's in a creative coma. Why? Probably because I'm just bored with him. He may come back, he might not. You've always got the adventures that are there, I don't think anyone is going to miss him that badly. If you are (yeah, right!) please send an e-mail to and tell me.

Getting there...

Terra Ignoramus is still being negotiated to be published, just remember that. When it does, there's gonna be so much news here, you're not going to know where to put it all on your puny little computer. Only kidding, your computer is probably better than mine. But just remember, and watch this space, or just refresh it or something. Soon... keep an eye out... an ear out... a nose out if it's free... SOON!

Next Week

There shall be news, probably even more than this week. Exciting times indeed... I think so anyway, yeah.

Quote of the Week

" What do we stand for? So we don't lie down all the time!" - Damon Albarn

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