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Flurph Newsboard

Number 36 - March-April 2004

Latest News: Quest for Something New

Other News:
Matt's Journal #192
Matt's Journal #189
Matt's Journal #184
Flurph Marching Along

Quest for Something New


Here's some news for you. The second part of "Blackberry Jam" has been published in the Somers Nautilus, so keep an eye out for that. The third part might be a long time coming though, as I'm working on a new book. Nothing definite, but it might be called "Quest for Happiness" and will probably be the longest book I've written yet.

Matt's Journal #192



Drowning in a stream of consciousness

Nothing more pretentious than a blurb.

Not that I'm doing one or anything.

Must do another FSOW one of these days, though I'm not quite sure what I'd desecrate next.

Got up early today, getting good at that. Getting better, healthier, smarter. Nice to know. It's very nice to know. To know is to deny, isn't that what they say. I'm sharp as a tack and I'll pierce your ears. That's what I am. I am not a yam. No I'm not. I am in control. In control it's nice and comfy. Spin, spin, spin. Haven't felt this focused in years. I'm like an antique telescope. Everything seems new and exciting. My CD collection, my videos and DVDs and such. Like I've never seen them before and I love them on first listen. Why now? What's happening to cause this. Maybe I'm a bit more relaxed. Maybe because it seems like everything is going fine.

Zwiggy Boom Bah to ya!

Matt's Journal #189


Chriropractor got rid of all my sickly aches and pains. He also pulled my neck out of it's socket and cracked it to the left. He told me to relax a second before, I should have known. The pains were concentrated, then jumped from the kidneys and pancreas like a tennis ball on court and then dissapeared. The guy is a miracle worker.

Went to the op shop and picked up a book by Henrik Isben cause it looked insteresting and some LPs, even though I don't have a player. Travelling Wilburys, and Yes's Going For The One. Great cover art, not the best, but great

After that, I went to the music store and bought a novelty pick and some strings. The novelty pick has a skull with "Wake the Dead" written on it. Satatistic? I don't think so. It's actually quite Christian to wake the dead. That's what they're all waiting for out at church, for Jesus to come back and wake the righteous dead.

Out of the 6 strings I bought, I broke 2 tuning and ended up back where I started, except a different string is missing, the higher octave E rather than the D, and because I've got Fender Strings(TM), my guitar sounds a lot brighter (C). Etc (R)(TM). I learnt all about bridge pegs and how to get them out and in, and how they pop up like champagne corks if you don't put them in properly, and how to tie guitar strings on the end. I did learn something. I won't get more strings for a while. I'll learn to use the ones I have in music.

My books back on track. I'm going to finish that evil Section 62 tomorrow. I don't want Emily to be boring the first time she meets the protagonist reader. I've planned the paragraphs, one by one. As intense as Isle of Telethis, I think not.

Matt's Journal #184


I've been coming down with something, the "dreaded lurgee". I went to work yesterday and came back with it instead of my pay. Well, I hope that's what it is. I feel like I'm going to pass out.

I'm going to go out with Stacey tomorrow to a coffee shop in Hastings. Mum says its just as well we go there as they are new and need the business. I hope I'll be okay for it.

I finished lyrics for this really good lullaby called "My Darling Goodnight", which I started writing as my energy started to run out. It's quite nice.

I really need to lie down.

Flurph Marching Along

1/3/2004 Happy March to you all. I'm sorry that there hasn't been as much news lately. I am still alive, and there is stuff brewing, which I shall tell you about soon.

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