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Quarterstein's Site

Doctor Who Trading Place

Hi, my name is Matt and I'm the occaisonal Doctor Who fan. It's not as nerdy as Star Trek and has more substance than Star Wars, and you can learn a lot from the historical adventures, so there. :P

Here I have a list of all the Doctor Who books (Target Novelizations) that I'd like to trade for other Doctor Who novelizations. I've picked them up from garage sales, oppurtunity shops, and all sorts of other places in Australia. They are all in reasonable condition, as well. :)

Please e-mail me ( if you require more information or are interested in any of the titles here and would like to make an offer to trade. I have quite a large collection of the Doctor Who books, (Target, the "New Adventures" and the BBC ones) and if you want to know about those, I guess you could drop me a line as well.

The table below lists the books, giving their title, author, ISBN number and the year published/reprinted. I'll put them in order of title, (minus the "Doctor who and the" at the start of the title, if it is there) just to make things as easy as possible. Cool.

TitleAuthorISBN No.YearComments
Death to the DaleksTerrance Dicks0-426-20042-X1985 -
Full CircleAndrew Smith0-426-20150-71982 -
Keeper of TrakenTerrance Dicks0-426-20148-51982small stains on cover (2nd hand)
Loch Ness MonsterTerrance Dicks0-426-11041-21978Terror of the Zygons novelization
Planet of the DaleksTerrance Dicks0-426-11252-01984-
Power of KrollTerrance Dicks0-426-20101-91984-
Remembrance of the DaleksBen Aaronvitch0-426-20337-21990-
Search for the DoctorDavid Martin0-86770-039-41986Make Your Own Adventure series
Space WarMalcolm Hulke0-428-11033-11983Slightly grubby
The VisitationEric Saward0-426-20135-31982-
War GamesMalcolm Hulke0-426-20082-91979Someone wrote their name on inner cover in pen
Web of FearTerrance Dicks0-426-11084-61984Little yellow sticker placed on top corner of front cover

That's it for now, if I get any other I wish to trade I'll let you know

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