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The Adventures of Leon Chubbadanfish, the Waiter and Generalbreadbasket

Hello, and welcome to the chronology. You will find every possible little bit of information known to mankind about our three heroes, as well as many other interesting bits and pieces to do with dates and times.

I hope you were warned that this chronology does contain spoilers, as everything that occurs in the book is summed up here, and more. So if you are one of those strange people who doesn't like knowing the ending to a story before they start it, this place isn't for you. Maybe you'd feel more comfortable on the characters page which only introduces you to the characters, or if even that seems a spoil-like threat, try the blurb page. Just don't come crying to me or any of the other friendly Narrators about how the plot has been ruined for you, cause we have given plenty, PLENTY of warning.

This chronology doesn't have that many symbols and meaningful bits and pieces, but I will explain the ones that are there:

* an asterisk marks a chronology entry
(e.g. * 1 millionth person views the Chronology)

A bold green font designates a year for the chronology entries beneath it
(e.g. 2002)

An italic font designates an actual day for the chronology entries beneath it.
(e.g. April 1:)

(Italic font in brackets) tells you which adventure from the book "The Adventures of Leon Chubbadanfish, the Waiter and Generalbreadbasket" the chronology entry was from. The event described in these particular chronology entries are only mentioned in the adventure.
(e.g. (Settling Time))

A bold yellow font tells you which adventure (and the "scene") in which the chronology event actually occurred.
Settling Time Scene I: )

That's all you need to know, you are all set to travel through time through this chronology. I hope you have fun!

Chronology (Ver 1.08)

4000 BC

The lower limit to Zorg's Time Machine capacities (Settling Time)

3998 BC

*The Tranorcs on Tranorc Icaldic I are very primitive at this time. They cannot start a fire and they cannot make dough. They do write about their experiences on stone, however, these becoming the earliest record of history for the Tranorcs. (Ghost Aliens)

2475 BC

*The Tranorcs somehow become a technologically advanced race. (Ghost Aliens)

1902 BC

*The Tranorcs have managed to strip Tranorc Icaldic I of all it's trees, remove it's core, sealed the surface in cement then cover it in skyscrapers, transforming it into a "technological Eden". During this time, the population and waste increased dramatically, meaning a larger power requirement. This lead to the Tranorcs using probes to harvest energy from Icaldic, their sun. (Ghost Aliens)

1898 BC

*The Tranorcs change their genetic makeup, so that they become jam-based lifeforms, thanks to a suggestion from the General, who time traveled back there, using Zorg's Time Machine. (Settling Time, Ghost Aliens)

1888 BC

*A new form of entertainment appears on Tranorc Icaldic I, beat music. They mistake this beat for taking control of their hearts, and fear to turn it off. The Tranorcs look for ways in which to hear the beat music louder. (Ghost Aliens)

1647 BC

*The Tranorcs discover how to transport Narrators through time (Ghost Aliens)

*Despite continual developments in Tranorc technology, all the Tranorcs worry about at this point in time is entertainment, their beat music. To power the speakers playing the music, they began sending 8 heavy-duty power probes a day to extract energy from the sun. (Ghost Aliens)

Ghost Aliens - Scene I: A Tranorc spacecraft, which includes T'orc'e'der on board, launches another probe into the star Icaldic. This causes the already supernova and exhausted star to implode, causing solar flares to destroy Tranorc Icaldic I and all it's inhabitants. Icaldic turns to a black hole and the Tranorcs on board the spacecraft, move back a planet, to the uninhabited Tranorc Icaldic II.

*Once at Tranorc Icaldic II, the surviving Tranorcs constructed a city. This was done in total darkness, due to their sun having turned into a black hole. Because they were the first generation to escape Tranorc Icaldic I, T'orc'e'der and his crew's souls are encapsulated within a stone circle at the top of the highest building of the city. Their souls wait to be resurrected by caretaker Tranorcs, who reside within a Temple of Weapons especially constructed for them, so that they are protected until a time of safety for all Tranorcs. (Ghost Aliens)

45 BC

Settling Time - Scene XXI-XXIII: While Julius Caesar is in Britannia to invade, the General, Leon & the Waiter arrive. They annoy him so much before they leave, he dubs the British "Whinging Poms" and leaves the invasion to some future Caesar.


*The NicJol are invented by the JolNics, on the planet Syvon. They grow much too powerful, however, and wage war on the JolNics. (Sport Killings)


The war between NicJol and the JolNics ends, with the NicJol possessing the last JolNics (Sport Killings)


*The NicJol Vampires visit Earth, lead by Varnic, and possess Vlad the Impaler, giving him the obsession to stake everybody. Soon after, the NicJol settle in Transylvania (Sport Killings)


*The NicJol leave, not before Varnic possesses a young Bram Stoker. (Sport Killings)


*The Americans drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. (Infection)

*The "Traditional" Aliens see the explosion of the atomic bomb from space and decide that humankind has now proven to have potential for buying products. (The Real Truth)


*The "Traditional" Aliens arrive at Roswell, attempting to sell cleaning fluid to the army there. They get them to clean the extremely messy base. (The Real Truth)


*The "Traditional" Aliens complete cleaning the Roswell military facility, but the army there will still not buy the cleaning fluid. Instead, the USA army insists that the Traditional Aliens clean up Area 51, a top secret army sewerage facility, which is even more messy than Roswell. (The Real Truth)


*Simulations of this time are common among Cyborgs (Upgrade)


*The InterPlanetNet, an extension of the Internet, is established (The Real Truth)


*The USO (Universal Standards Organization) sets the standard for intergalactic electronics (Upgrade)


*The Little Legal Beagle Act is passed. This makes legal studies classes compulsory from primary school, so as the citizens can learn to remember and obey the countless new laws being made, as well as making them more adaptable when new laws are enforced. (The Real Truth)


*(circa) Plasma rifles were standard fare (More Conquest)


*The Ray Gun is invented (Taj Mahal)


*Earth's population disappears due to unknown reasons. (The Real Truth)


*Bounty Brand Plasma Rifles are invented. Humans used these on the planet Bioriveros to hunt Knight Quails. (Settling Time)


*The Brutus Act is ratified. This act ensures that a successor to a President is not announced, so that successor is not targeted, along with the President. (Taj Mahal)


*Many aliens were "blown up" after they demonstrated a lack of appreciation for the human culture, because of this, many aliens refuse to help humans. (Settling Time)


*The "Tolerance for Everything" marches are held (Infection)


*The Declaration of Omni-Monoculture is ratified. This states that another alien race may not exploit another alien races' appearance or design. (The Real Truth)


April 1:
*Jock Wilheims is born (Taj Mahal)


*The Waiter is born (Upgrade)


*The Waiter, at age 6, makes his Super-Duper potion in his own backyard. He began to sell it at his school for a dollar a glass. (Upgrade)


*In Grade 6, the Waiter sells his Super Duper potion to a Betelgeusian exchange student, who blows up because of it. The Betelgeusians are angry, and demand the Waiter doesn't sell it. (Upgrade)


*The Waiter is at the Star Police Academy, under Chief Constable Starman, who "just hooked probes into him" (Infection)


*More Conquest - Scene VII: The Waiter, during his career as a police officer, arrests a bystander and lets a thief go free. He is kicked out because of it.


*The Waiter joins the chef school on New New New France 3. Bartender is his roommate (Taj Mahal)


*The Waiter learns how to make a poison at chef school. This poison is often used on New New New France 3 muck up days (Taj Mahal)

*The Waiter passes chef school by baking a soufflé. It rose so high, it picked up his teacher on the way and sent him to one of New New New France III's ten moons. (Settling Time)


*The Waiter buys his "Drinkship" of Harry Pnuemonia (Taj Mahal)

*The Second Galactic war is started over garbage freighters blocking the shipment of Soya Snacks from Earth to the Neo-Hippie leader, Sam Francisco. He ended up blowing the freighters up with an Anti-Matter-Long-Distance Mortar. (Upgrade)


*The Waiter blows up his climatizer oven in his "Drinkship" to see how hot it could cook air. (Infection)

*Leon is born (Sport Killings)


*More Conquest - Scenes I & II: The Waiter's "Drinkship" reaches the field of the Icaldic Black Hole. It succumbs to it's gravitational field, and the Waiter is forced to evacuate. He comes in contact, during the evacuation, the Army Mothership and becomes the caterer

*The "Beef 5" (Greenpeace 2475 Sub-Atomic Plasmic Disruptor, Beefy Deluxe Edition 5) is invented. The Neo-Hippies use it on Venus to stop the humans from... (More Conquest)


*The Second Galactic War ends in victory for the Neo-Hippies, who give the victory speech "Plants are more important than humans, and so are Earth animals. All else must be slaughtered. (Sport Killings)

*Sport Killings - Scene XIX: Leon, while playing with his toy army men in his sandpit at his house on the planet Argus, gets bitten by an alien scorpion. He kills it, and all the alien bugs, including an alien mosquito, which he holds the proboscis of until it explodes.


*The Earth Empire decides that lights should be put into orbit around planets, so that all can have an Earth based day or night, whatever the circumstances (Ghost Aliens)

*The TriTron 2480, a triangular gun, is invented. (Taj Mahal)


*The highly accurate Sharpness Liquid Laser is invented (Taj Mahal)


The Cyborg RATPNG-386 is constructed by Professor Woodbridge. It is 386 times as power as the first cyborg. (Upgrade)


*The Waiter gives some recipes to the TV chef, Jammy Runny for his show. (Taj Mahal)


The Cyborg had a steady diet of NicJol and Episodes of the Panel, because of the plastic shortage. (Sport Killings)


*The Balfourhundred Declaration is signed. Leon and Neo-Hippie leader Sam Francisco are both present. (Taj Mahal)


*Sport Killings - Scenes I-III: Leon, with his troop conquers his 502nd planet, Syvon. The NicJol are all destroyed saved for the head one - named NicJol, it is jettisoned to the sector where Tranorc Icaldic is.


February 15:
Jock Wilheims is elected President of the Earth Empire (Taj Mahal)


*The Ragnarok-Quark-Thrower is invented for the use of jail guards (Upgrade)

*Leon is imprisoned on Ragnarok. (More Conquest)

*All Leon is fed while imprisoned is Andromeda ham (Settling Time)

*As soon as Leon is captured, the Commander changes army rations to daily feasts (Infection)


* The General meets Zorg (More Conquest)

*More Conquest - Scenes VI & VIII: After spilling some coffee, the Waiter is fired as caterer from the army, and exiled to Tranorc Icaldic.

*The Cyborg's "MICRO-CHIPS" he eats in the year 2500 expire. (Upgrade)


*The General uses Zorg's Time Machine to go forward to 10000 AD and back to 1898 BC, turning Zorg into a jam based lifeform. (More Conquest, Settling Time, Ghost Aliens)


*The General starts eating a Utopia Gobstopper. (Ghost Aliens)


February 15:
*President Wilheims is re-elected. In exchange for bribing a few billion voters, the Commander is appointed successor to the President. (Taj Mahal)

December 29:
*More Conquest - Scene IV: Leon escapes imprisonment at Ragnarok, and heads back to the army.


January 1:
*More Conquest - Scenes V & IX: Leon returns to the army, to find that the last planet to be captured, Mars, has been subdued, meaning that that the Army has conquered the entire universe, except for Tranorc Icaldic. Leon insists that this be taken over, but the Commander wishes to party and not inform of the President of their army's lack of use. Leon continues to protest, so the Commander exiles him to Tranorc Icaldic.

*More Conquest - Scenes X-XXIX : Leon arrives on Tranorc Icaldic and meets the General and encounters the Waiter, but not before meeting Gary, which scares him. Leon discovers from the General the location of the Temple of Weapons and heads there. Meanwhile, the Waiter has found Gary and fed him sugar, turning him into a monster, squooshing everything, including Zorg who had captured the General at this point.

*Settling Time - Scenes I-XX: As a last request for the General, Gary destroys the Temple of Weapons to try and bury him alive, instead he destroys the booby trap stopping Leon's access to the Beef 5 in the Temple. Leon kills Gary, who falls on the temple. Leon is so frustrated at losing the weapons inside he takes out his rage on the Beef 5, destroying it. Meanwhile, the Waiter finds Zorg's Time Machine in the ruins of the Temple of Weapons, and tinkers with it, interfering with the General's and Leon's reality. Leon discovers what is going, and finds the Waiter, who sends them back to 45 BC.

*Settling Time - Scenes XXIV-XXV: Leon, General & Waiter return, annoyed at each other. Leon throws the Time Machine away. The General finds two Plasma Rifles, created after the interference in time, which pleases Leon.

*The Guiness Book of Records 2500 edition is released (Taj Mahal)

January 2:

Infection: Zorg's DNA is eaten by a Soul Amoeba, which assumes the form of Zorg, out for revenge on the General. Using radiation from the abandoned Time Machine, he grows to his normal size, along with a virus ship. With this, he captures Leon, who is looking for intelligent life to get him off Tranorc Icaldic. The General and Waiter find what's going on, and amplify a Plasma rifle blast with the Time Machine to destroy the virus ship. Leon manages to escape before the explosion, but breaks his arm and his leg.

February 2:
Upgrade - Scenes I-XIV: The General encounters a Cyborg, and informs a bed-ridden Leon, who wishes to hunt it to upgrade his Comm-Unit. The Waiter cures Leon and they set off, to find that the chip they are after is located in the pancreas. All are so disgusted, they faint for two days

February 4:
Upgrade - Scenes XV-XXII: Leon, General & the Waiter recover and try various schemes to capture the Cyborg, but fail. The Cyborg challenges Leon to a duel in cyberspace, and defeats Leon, but during the duel, the Waiter kills the Cyborg and makes his body into a gingerbread man, and Leon uses the Cyborg's chip in the Comm-Unit.

February 7:
Sport Killings - Scenes IV-XVIII, XX-XXII: Leon, after three days of consecutive hunting of the many species on Tranorc Icaldic, stops because the General is missing. On finding him, they see he has been possessed by NicJol, whose box had landed here, which the General had opened. Because Leon has killed all the species that eat NicJol, he has to kill it himself. An attempt to do this, using the Waiter as bait, only causes the Waiter to become possessed. Alone, Leon runs away from NicJol and his former allies, ending up back at the Waiter's hut. NicJol corners him and begins to possess him, but not before Leon remembers a mosquito popping technique he learned as a child, which he uses on NicJol. This doesn't stop him becoming possessed, and he, as well as the General and the Waiter are summoned by Goths, who unintentionally break the spell.
*Leon vows to only hunt once a week, to ensure something like NicJol can't take advantage again (Taj Mahal)

February 14:
Taj Mahal - Scenes I-II: Leon finds the letterbox planted by the Commander in a clearing with three warp tickets to the Valentine's Party on Taj Mahal, a space cruiser. Along with the General and the Waiter, he warps there.

*The Valentine's Day Party occurs on the Taj Mahal. (Taj Mahal)

February 15:
Taj Mahal - Scenes III-XX: Leon, the Waiter and the General arrive, a day late, due to the corrosion of the letterbox effecting the tickets. They have arrived at the Presidential party, to celebrate President Wilheim's sixth anniversary of power. They go in and acquaint with old and new friends, including the Waitress and Michelle Dokkerty. The President makes a selfish speech, in which he mentions a tax rise. This angers the partygoers and the President is soon assasinated. The party goers are taken to the morgue and interrogated. It is discovered that all of the party goers killed him, simultaneously, along with the President dying of natural causes. This is what is reported, rather than a multiple arrest, and the Commander is made President-Commander, putting down the taxes and sending Leon, General and Waiter back to Tranorc Icaldic.

February 16:
Taj Mahal - Scene XXI: The Waiter, searching for popcorn, finds the tuckshop popcorn in his pocket that the Waitress promised him. Leon, still angry at the Commander's appointment as President, eats the Waiter's popcorn.

*Because of Leon's anger and frustration, the Comm-Unit mutes itself for several days so that it isn't abused by Leon (Ghost Aliens)

February 23:
Ghost Aliens - Scenes II-XIII: Leon, while desperately searching through the ruins of the Temple of Weapons, finds a map that leads to an ancient city. In the hope of finding technology to get him off the planet, he heads for there, taking the Waiter and the General with him. On reaching the site of the city, all that is found is a stone circle. Leon accidentally activates the hieroglyphs on the stones and resurrects the first fleet of Tranorcs who arrived on Tranorc Icaldic II, albeit in somewhat a ghostly form. These tell them of their history and of the immanent destruction of the planet by the Icaldic Black Hole. During this conversation, it is revealed to the Tranorcs that Zorg was killed by Leon, the General and the Waiter, which upsets the Tranorcs, as Zorg was a direct descendant of theirs who was to be the one to resurrect them. They capture the three humans and put them on trial, sentencing them to death by the lake monster, Theodore. Leon persuades the Tranorcs to turn the sacrifice beat music up, which causes the Tranorcs to be destroyed and for Theodore to return to the lake.

February 27:
*Since the Icaldic Black Hole is close, Leon builds and moves to his own hut in order to plan an escape. (The Real Truth)

March 2:
The Real Truth - Scenes I-XIV: The Waiter spots a UFO, and shows Leon and the General. They discover that this UFO may belong to the "Traditional" aliens, and camp near the sightings in order to make contact. The aliens make surreal contacts with each of them individually that night.

March 3:
The Real Truth - Scenes XV-XVIII: Leon, the Waiter and the General awaken and try to figure out what the Traditional Aliens want. They cannot figure it out, but Leon is determined to get off the planet, so they are summoned by a beacon Leon has been working on. They arrive, crushing the beacon. They reveal themselves to be travelling salesbeings, shocking Leon and the others to the core.


*The orignial upper limit to Zorg's Time Machine's capacities. The General once traveled here through time, discovering they had inside-out donuts. (Settling Time)


*The new upper limit to Zorg's Time Machine's capacities, after the Waiter had tinkered with it. (Settling Time)

All designs, concepts and characters are © Matt Quarterstein
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