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Terra Ignoramus in Rotation


Terra Ignoramus

By Matt Quarterstein

$14.95 RRP (Australia)
Order through Seaview Press

Cover Blurb:

Leon Chubbadanfish, General Breadbasket and the Waiter are stuck on Terra Ignoramus, the last planet unconquered by humans. The General and Waiter aren't that bothered about it, but Leon is. He tries to escape. He tries to escape eight times in this book, in fact. When not trying to escape, he is hunting, while the Waiter is cooking and the General is eating. As well as all that, there are lots of aliens about on Terra Ignoramus, cause a sci-fi kind of book/script is never that tasty without them. There's also a lot of food about, which in any kind of book is usually pretty tasty also.

I've never written a blurb before and I have never seen "I've never written a blurb before" written in a blurb. I've just done it here, so I feel special. You should feel special too, since you are reading this back cover first, you are actually supposed to read a book from the front to the back. But don't worry, no one ever seems to do what they're supposed to do.

Not doing what he was supposed to do kind of got Leon stuck on Terra Ignoramus...

As well as the Waiter...

Probably the General, though I'm not quite sure...

Featuring eight wacky adventures!

1 - Terra Ignoramus

Leon Chubbadanfish escapes from prison to find he is no longer required in the Earth Army. Instead, he is exiled to Terra Ignoramus. Will he be able to survive the friendship of the impossible Waiter and the insane General, and will he be able to escape the horrors of Zorg, the Hippie Ball and the deadly monster Gary? Read an extract from this adventure

2 - Settling Time

The Waiter is lucky enough to find a time machine, which happens to be unlucky for Leon and the General, when his meddling in the past starts taking shape in the present in the most unusual way...

3 - Infection

Your planet can't be very hygenic when it is being terrorized by giant bacteria. Leon, the Waiter and the General have to "clean up" and confront an old enemy, before the giant virus spacecraft above infects them all... Read an extract from this adventure

4 - Upgrade

When the General spots a cyborg in the forests, Leon sees it as an easy way to catch himself a computer upgrade. Think again, Leon...

5 - Sport Killings

Throughout history there have been many, many stories of vampires. Here's another one, a story that Leon might not escape unaffected...

6 - Taj Mahal

After being invited to the Presidental Social onboard the spacecraft Taj Mahal, Leon, the Waiter and the General have to solve a mystery. And no, the mystery is not "How did they all manage to get invited to a party?" Read an extract from this adventure

7 - Ghost Aliens

Does Terra Ignoramus have a lost civilzation buried below it's surface? Can dance music be bad for your health? Has force feeding ever been a honoured custom? Can Narrators travel through time? In this adventure, you can discover answers to all those questions.

8 - The Real Truth

In this adventure, discover the Real Truth. Aliens, conspiracies, UFOs, and the recipe for the Waiter's sandwiches... Read an extract from this adventure

All designs, concepts and characters are © Matt Quarterstein
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